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Lieutenant JG Gairon Jaggar

Name Gairon Jaggar

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Orion
Age 28
Quarters Location Deck 7 Section 2 Bravo

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 175
Hair Color Dark Auburn
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Gairon is the very definition of what a “classic” Orion looks like. His skin has a dark olive hue. His eyes are a smoky, seductive black. His build is lean and lithe and he stands a fraction over six feet one.

He keeps his dark auburn hair cut very short because when he allows it to grow out it becomes wildly curly and hard to manage. When not on duty and especially, when he is in his quarters, he wears as little clothing as possible. When he needs to go out his clothing is light, but rather snug fitting showing off the curves and angles of his body.

While on duty, his uniform is always crisp and pressed looking like it just came out of the replicator, though it too is a little snug as though it is about a half size too small for his frame.

Both ears are pierced but on duty his earrings are small and unobtrusive. He also has a piercing in his navel and genitals


Spouse(s) / Romantic Partner Ajais Docol (deceased)
Children None
Parents Father Jerrick Jaggar 55
Mother: Shaddash Jaggar 57
Siblings Brothers: Varrok 30, Romerc 26
Sisters: Leessas 32, Tarasi 20
Other Family Various aunts, uncles cousins, and hangers-on.

Personality & Traits

General Overview It is rumored(perhaps by Garion himself) that he could sell ice to an Andorian, or a heater to a Vulcan. But that is not entirely accurate. He is very good however in persuading others to his position and convincing them to go along with his ideas. Aside from an easy smile and supreme confidence, he does this by asking the right question, then, often by reading between the lines, giving the right answer.

The enduring stereotype of the Orion race is that they are treacherous, sybaritic, and decadent, preferring both violent bloodsports and uninhibited sexual pleasure. While It is true that Gairon has a somewhat looser interpretation of sexuality than most other Federation species do, he has tried to conform to a more conservative approach. As far as bloodsports are concerned, he’s not a big fan. He does acknowledge the stereotype as having some truth to it.

Orion neutrality, which he applauds and the Orion use of slavery, which he does not applaud, are well-documented socio-political phenomena, both playing complex roles within the greater Orion culture and in him as an individual.

Orions have a higher metabolism than Human Beings. The result is that Orions often appear fitter and leaner than Humans, with both bulk and lean muscle mass. Orion bodies are less apt to store lipids. However, their nutritional requirements are almost double that of a Human, and their need for protein is almost triple.

Orion body temperatures are higher than Humans, running around 106 degrees Fahrenheit / 41 degrees Celsius. To a Human, Orions would feel feverish.

The green-hued skin of the Orion species led early explorers and xeno-culturalists to hypothesize that they are photosynthetic and plant-like. This has little basis in fact- Orion skin is green because of a melanin compound and hemocyanin which produces the green hue. Variations in the hue of the green expressed through melanin cell production subtypes and blood type variations produce Orion skin tones from yellow-green to bluish-green, and from medium to dark.

Orions, like Vulcans, have copper-based blood.

Gairon almost always has an impact on his immediate surroundings – the best way to spot him at a party is to look for the whirling eddy of people flitting about him as he moves from group to group. Laughing and entertaining with blunt and earthy humor. If an audience member is asked to come on stage, Gairon volunteers – or volunteers a shy friend.

He keeps his conversation energetic, with a good dose of intelligence, but he likes to talk about what is – or better yet, to just go out and do it. He will often leap before he looks, fixing his mistakes as he goes, rather than sitting idle, preparing contingencies, and escape clauses.
He lives in the moment and dives into the action. He is the eye of the storm. He enjoys drama, passion, and pleasure, not for emotional thrills, but because it’s so stimulating to his logical mind. He makes critical decisions based on factual, immediate reality in a process of rapid-fire rational stimulus response.

He chose the Counselor/ diplomat role because it gives him some semblance of autonomy. It makes more sense to use his own moral compass than someone else’s. Rules were made to be broken. This is a sentiment few people within the command team are likely to share and while he does his best to keep these tendencies to himself, he does have something of a reputation. He does try to minimize the trouble-making, harness his energy, and focus through the boring stuff so that he can be a force to be reckoned with.

He has a unique skill in noticing small changes. Whether a shift in facial expression, a new clothing style, or a broken habit, he picks up on hidden thoughts and motives where most people would be lucky to pick up anything specific at all. He uses these observations immediately, calling out the change, and asking questions.

He is full of passion and energy, complemented by a rational if sometimes distracted, mind. Inspiring, convincing, and colorful. He is a natural group leader, pulling everyone along the path less traveled, bringing life and excitement everywhere he goes. Putting these qualities to a constructive and rewarding end is Gairon’s true challenge.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Bold – Gairon is full of life and energy. There is no greater joy for him than pushing boundaries and discovering and using new things and ideas.

Rational and Practical – He loves knowledge and philosophy, but not for their own sake. He likes finding ideas that are actionable and drilling into the details so he can put them to use. If a discussion is completely arbitrary, there are better uses for his time.
Original – Combining his boldness and practicality, he loves to experiment with new ideas and solutions and will often put things together in ways no one else would think to.

Perceptive – This originality is helped by Gairon’s ability to notice when things change – and when they need to change! Small shifts in habits and appearances stick out to him, and they use these observations to help create connections with others.

Sociable – All these qualities pull together to make Gairon a natural group leader in This isn’t something he actively seeks – he just has a knack for making excellent use of social interactions and networking opportunities.
Difficult for telepaths and empaths to read him.


Impatient – Gairon moves at his own pace to keep himself excited. Slowing down because someone else “doesn’t get it” or having to stay focused on a single detail for too long is extremely challenging for him.

Risk-prone – This impatience can lead him to push into uncharted territory without thinking of the long-term consequences. He will sometimes intentionally combat boredom with extra risk.
Unstructured – He sees an opportunity – to fix a problem, to advance, to have fun – and seize the moment, often ignoring rules and social expectations in the process. This may get things done, but it can create unexpected social fallout.

May Miss the Bigger Picture – Living in the moment sometimes causes him to miss the forest for the trees. He loves to solve problems here and now, perhaps too much. All parts of a project can be perfect, but the project will still fail if those parts do not fit together.

Defiant – He doesn’t like to be boxed in. Repetition, hardline rules, sitting quietly while they are lectured at – this isn’t how he wants to live his life He is action-oriented and hands-on. His defiance is seldom openly expressed or acted out, but it is more nuanced and subtle, to the point he doesn’t fully realize it himself.

Ambitions Gairon has little desire to Captain his own ship someday, he doesn’t want the headache of command. He would like to be the best diplomat he can be. From a personal perspective, he would like to find true love again, though he’s not out actively searching for it.

Hobbies & Interests He has a love of puzzles and codes and a knack for solving them. Like many others in the Federation, he likes to spend time in the holodeck Dom-Jot, Kal-Toh, and Strategem, He also enjoys poker, which he’s quite good at anything that would challenge his wits, or move him out of his comfort zone.
Values Don't tell me which direction to sit my moral compass in.

When conflict arises, words accomplish more than fists or a phaser. Sometimes you have to get people's attention though.


Personal History Gairon is the third of five children born to Jerrick and Shaddash Jaggar.
The Jaggars were not part of the Orion Syndicate, though Varok and Leessas did join when they were old enough to leave home.

His parents had no involvement with the Syndicate, pirates, slavers, or any other criminal or questionable groups or individuals. At least not directly. The Federation had its own bland equatearian utopia. And they for the most part were not interested in the accumulation of wealth That wasn’t the same with Orions, who were very much interested in accumulation.

There was no need on Federation planets for bankers, at not any private banks. Again that is not the case with the Orions. And that is what the Jaggar family were. Bankers.

Latinum, credits, diamonds, other gems were the currencies they dealt with the most.

Gairon was expected to carry out the family business. He had a knack for numbers, but his heart wasn’t in it. That was not to say he was a shining example of virtue and had turned his back on his family, or the values of his people Nothing could have been further from the truth. He was still interested in turning a profit and immersing himself in sensuality. The latter he had no challenges with, the former, he just wanted to accumulate things differently. The problem was he didn’t know what that other way was.

In 2382, shortly after turning 17 one of the Bounty one of the “merchant” vessels, the family provided credit for was having a run of bad luck. Instead of three months payments they took Gerion on as an apprentice.

It was tough for both sides at first, but things got better. He became their medic and he got a lot of chances to practice. A lot of chances. He also got some training as a pilot.

After sowing his share of wild oats he fell in love with Ajais Docol, a Romulan and the ship’s chief pilot.

In 2385 the Bounty was one of the ships that helped with the aftermath after the synth attack on Mars. Captain Balor, the Bounty’s owner, and commander decided to exploit the situation. Normally considered to be a virtue, Gairon and Ajais felt that was going too far. And started making plans to leave.

In 2386, they were married and acquired a Danube class runabout

In 2387, They and their ship they'd named the Harvest helped in the evacuation after the Hobus incident. Less than a year later Ajais died in a dive bar on a backwater planet caller Arioan II

Gairon was caught in a no-win situation. He wasn’t going back to the Bounty and he didn’t want to continue on his own. Lee Grant, one of the Starfleet officers that had also taken part urged him to join. He was reluctant at first since he felt that the Federation had reneged on their word, something even his own people would have done.

It took some convincing but Grant finally persuaded him to join the Federation to be a voice for change.

His experience with the Bounty and the Harvest was considered as part of his entrance application. There were some that considered him a potential trouble malcontent and trouble maker and didn’t want to admit him at all. But they were overruled, and because of that same experience he was granted a year’s credit, so he graduated in three years in 2390.

He considered a number of options to specialize in. It came down to nursing, counseling, or diplomacy. He chose counseling with a strong emphasis on diplomacy but didn’t make that decision until his second year at the Academy, so he took courses to prepare him to be a trauma nurse.

He never completed that program of course, but he did become an EMT.

His first year, with no real distractions, was a good year for him and he made top marks in all of his classes. Definitely in the top three percent of the Academy. His second year did not go nearly as well.

The official mourning of Ajais over, he spent too much time drinking (NOT Synthol) and in too many beds of about every variety of gender.

His last year was much better than the second. He cut back considerably on the parties and the trysts but did get in trouble on more than one occasion for being too free to express his opinion.

He graduated in 2391 and spent his first three years on the USS Venture a frigate patrolling far too close to his homeworld to be comfortable. He did manage to make Lieutenant Junior Grade despite some less than stellar evaluations.

He requested a transfer and the powers that be saw the wisdom of moving him from a situation he was having to deal too much with his own people, even if his own people were pirates and Syndicate members. So he was assigned to the Omaha

Service Record 2388-2391 Starfleet Academy
2391-2394 USS Venture
2394- Present Omaha