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Ensign Dylan Chaparral

Name Dylan Chaparral

Position Nurse

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Half Human/Half Elasian
Age 25
Quarters Location Deck 4 Gamma 4314

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 170
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Dylan is rather slight for an Elasain but he takes after his father in that regard. While not overly tall, even for a human, he is solidly built. His sandy brown hair is not overly long, but it does push the boundaries of regulation length. It often falls down onto his forehead and almost to his eyes. His eyes are a warm green, the color of leaves in the summer sun They are slightly almond shape.

He has broad shoulders and a well-defined torso and core.

When not in uniform, his goto clothing choice is scrubs. He has several different pairs in a variety of colors When he leaves for a night out, or a date, he prefers trendy and stylish. When he is just relaxing, or at home, he chooses comfort over fashion.


Spouse(s) / Romantic Partner None
Children None
Parents Jamie Chaparral

Ulanni Chaparral
Siblings Brother Kyle Chaparral 22
Sister Jarian Chaparral 18
Other Family Uncles, aunts, and cousins

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dylan’s parents once hated each other or at least they found themselves on opposite sides more often than not. Jamie was and Ulanni was the head of the Intelligence Department onboard the USS Resistance Jame was cool, collected, and was quiet and unassuming. He only used force as a last resort and eschewed violence almost to the point of being a pacifist. He would rather talk his way out of a situation than fight his way out. Ulanni was no stranger to violence and would use it when she felt it was needed. Still, it wasn’t her first course of action. Her first course of action was seduction.

He had no interest in women romantically or physically, she had an interest in men, just not Jamie. They fought tooth and nail just about constantly, and one day after the captain had disappeared they argued to the point of coming to blows and the fight turned into something more.

Dylan was the result of that night of passion.

He took after his father, far more than his mother, he’s more introverted and quiet, with a nurturing attitude. He chose to go into nursing to be more hands-on with the patients. He did inherit his mother’s temper and her bedroom eyes. Though he is hardly the flirtatious type and if he were to define his sexuality he would say he was demisexual.
Strengths & Weaknesses Like everyone, Dylan is a flawed individual. The death of his parents had a great effect on his life. For the most part, it has made him stronger, more resolute. He is tenacious and doesn’t back down from a challenge or a fight. At the same time, he sometimes finds himself fighting depression. Likewise, even though he would like to get close to someone, perhaps even to romantically involved with them he has a fear of losing people.

He is immensely curious which can, depending on the situation he finds himself be a strength or a weakness. His concern for others and defending the weak tends to get him into difficult situations.

On the plus side, he is both patient and intuitive, but on the negative, he is stubborn and once he does get angry it is very difficult for him to calm down.

Every time he loses a patient it takes a toll on him. He’s no marksman with a phaser and beyond the basic self-defense techniques he learned at the Academy, and a few dirty tricks, he’s not really a fighter.

He is somewhat relationship challenged. He’d like to pursue a romantic relationship, but he has problems with letting people get too close to him. He doesn’t want to hurt them, be hurt by them, or to lose them.
Ambitions Become a Head Nurse, find a man to settle down with, and eventually raise a family.
Hobbies & Interests Parrises Squares, Swimming, medical research, billiards, holodeck adventures (and secretly romances)

Values Dylan seeks to preserve life when he can, though he is not a pacifist


Personal History Dylan was born on November 17, 2368, the oldest of three children. His parents, Jamie and Ulanni were Starfleet officers. For the first five years of his life, everything was, if not perfect, a good life. They retired from active service and retired to Darian II which was a “poor man’s Risa.” The opened a small inn, patterned after an ancient Terrand Bed and Breakfast. Two years later the entire small village they were in was captured by a group of rogue Cardassians.

The village including the entire family were captured and put into a labor camp..

He didn’t have a chance to know his parents well. When he was ten they both died. While the brutality of the guards and the harshness of the camp played a part in their death, perhaps a large part, the real culprit was disease, Orkett’s Disease.

There was nothing a young, ten-year-old could do but watch them waste away and die a slow, painful death. The children weren’t able to mourn in the proper, fashion. No time for a death chant or a chance for them to light candles.. None of that. The Cardassians allowed them a single hour before all of them, including a young Dylan were sent back to work

Dylan’s job was a gruesome one, cleaning up after the dead, both various humanoid species and animal. This was a pivotal event in his life.

He had to protect his siblings since he was the “big brother” He did what he had to do to protect them. He could have chosen a path of violence or. surrender

In a sense, he chose his own path. For as long as he could remember he wanted to help people to heal rather than hurt them. The best way to do that in his mind was medicine. He learned as much as he could from as many people as he could; art.culture, literacy followed by literature, simple things like sewing and cooking. He taught himself over a period of years.

Eventually, when he turned fifteen they were rescued by Starfleet.

It took a while for Dylan to acclimate to his new home, for years he would wake up almost every night after a horrible and very graphic nightmare, reliving what he had experienced. Indeed, to this day, he will still have a nightmare, but now it happens infrequently, usually when he is under a lot of stress.

It was during this transition time that he decided to become a nurse and to study epidemiology. He gradually became close friends with Morio, a friendship that came close to being romantic and might have developed as such if they had not been brothers.

In 2386 he entered Starfleet Academy in the nursing program

While not at the top of his class, he was a serious student that was better than average.
He graduated in 2390.

For the first three years of his career, he spent at Starfleet Headquarters

He loved the time he spent in that position, broadened his skill set, learned a great deal about bureaucracy and dealing with the chain of command, and helped out in four different crisis. However, he felt and Starfleet agreed that it was time for a change. He wanted to be out exploring and the Omaha gave him the opportunity to do that.

Service Record 2386-2390 Starfleet Academy
2390-2393 Starfleet Headquarters
2393 USS Omaha