USS Omaha

Departments & Positions

  • Command (USS Omaha Crew)

    The command department contains the ship's command triad, consisting of the Captain, Executive Officer, and Command Master Chief, along with the administrative support personnel that are common to the entire ship. This size and nature of this staff varies wildly with the size of the ship, but it commonly includes the yeomen, personnel specialists, public affairs and mass media specialists, and on the largest ships finance and legal officers.

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  • Flight Control (USS Omaha Crew)

    Flight Control is responsible for the navigation of the ship and its small craft. It is one of the smallest departments, typically just two or three officers plus enlisted assistants, and for this reason the department head is often a relatively junior officer.

    The Navigation Division is responsible for flying the ship and for updating charts as the ship conducts mapping missions, with either a flight control officer or enlisted quartermaster on the bridge at all times.

    The Deck Division is responsible for operation of the shuttle bays, maintenance of small craft, and all extravehicular activities.

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  • Security & Tactical (USS Omaha Crew)

    The Tactical Department, combined here with Security, is responsible for the defense of the ship against hostile actors. This includes maintenance and operation of the ship's weapons and shields. Tactical is considered a key bridge position and as such there is always either a tactical officer or enlisted fire control specialist on duty at all times.

    Divisions: Phaser Systems, Torpedo Systems, Defense Systems, Fire Control, Security

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  • Operations (USS Omaha Crew)

    Operations is responsible for managing distribution of shipboard resources and supporting the activities of other departments. In particular it centralizes control and maintenance of systems used by all departments depending on the mission of the day, such as the sensors and computing systems.

    Logistics - Responsible for managing supplies, operating the machine shops and fabrication centers, coordinating use of shipboard space, and running the mess halls and recreation spaces.
    Communications & Computing - Maintains the ship's internal and external network, manages and maintains computing resources, and provides programming support for other departments.
    Damage Control - Manages crisis response during emergencies or combat operations by coordinating between Engineering and mobile damage control parties, as well as training non-engineers assigned to damage control roles during alert status.
    Sensors - Maintains and operates the ship's external and internal sensors, coordinating closely with Science.
    Matter/Energy - Operates the ship's transporters, and services both the transporter and replicator systems.

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  • Engineering (USS Omaha Crew)

    The Engineering Department maintains and repairs the ship itself, along with most permanently attached equipment except the weapons. While the ship is highly automated, this is still manpower-intensive as many systems require at least one person monitoring at all times. There is always an engineering officer of the watch, with the responsibility rotating between division officers. Engineering is primarily focused on systems that are permanent fixtures of the ship.

    Warp Systems - Operation of the ship's main reactor and warp drive.
    Impulse Systems - Operation of impulse engines and thrusters.
    Power Systems - Operation of the power grid and batteries.
    Environmental Systems - Operation of life support, including inertial dampening and gravity.
    Structure - Maintenance of the ship's structure.

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  • Science (USS Omaha Crew)

    From sensor readings to figuring out a way to enter the strange spacial anomaly, the science department is responsible for recording data, testing new ideas out, and making discoveries.

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  • Medical & Counseling (USS Omaha Crew)

    The medical & counseling department is responsible for the mental and physical health of the crew, from running annual physicals to combatting a strange plague that is afflicting the crew to helping a crew member deal with the loss of a loved one.

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  • Intelligence (USS Omaha Crew)

    The Intelligence department is responsible for gathering and providing information relevant to missions. This is not limited to tactical or covert operations. It could be providing political background for diplomatic missions or assistance infiltrating a pre-warp civilization.

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  • Civilian Affairs (USS Omaha Crew)

    Civilians play an important role in Starfleet. Many civilian specialists across a number of fields work on occasion with Starfleet personnel as a Mission Specialist. In other cases, extra ship and station duties, such as running the ship's lounge, are outsourced to a civilian contract.

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  • Non-Crew NPCs (Guest Stars)

    This department is for NPCs who are not part of the crew. They may be mission-specific or recurring characters such as admirals or family.

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