USS Omaha

Specifications - USS Omaha


USS Omaha is an Ambassador-class Multi-Role Explorer, launched in 2358 and one of the last of her kind to leave spacedock.

Ambassador class


Class Ambassador
Role Multi-Mission Explorer
Duration 100 years projected hull life
Time Between Refits 5 years minor, 20 years major
Time Between Resupply 3-5 years


Length 526 meters
Width 332 meters
Height 132 meters


Officers 117
Enlisted Crew 585
Passengers 20
Emergency Capacity 2888


Cruise Speed Warp 6
Maximum Speed Warp 8.8
Emergency Speed Warp 9.2

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Defenses Standard Shielding System
Phasers Type-X Phaser Arrays: 10
Torpedoes 2 Launchers (one fore, one aft)
Photon Torpedoes

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 2
Shuttles 18 shuttles, currently:
4x Type-11
4x Type-7
6x Type-8
4x Type-9

8 workbees or shuttlepods

Runabouts Danube Runabout: 2
Argo Transports: 2


Description Omaha is a Flight V Ambassador-class starship, launched in 2358 and refit in 2393. From the perspective of a modern Starfleet officer, the ship is starting to show its age. Despite the inclusion of many behind-the-scenes improvements like holographic emitters and bio-neural computing systems, it's still a bit old-fashioned. The corridors are a little more cramped and the quarters just a bit smaller than you'd find on even an Intrepid-class; the layout of the engine room and bridge lack modern sensibilities for size and layout. The reactor has been upgraded but the engines are never going to push Warp 9.9, much less quantum slipstream.

Still, there are some advantages. The large size - slightly bigger internally than a Sovereign-class starship, in fact - means that there's plenty of room for crew, in particular a large science complement made possible by increased automation since the ship was first launched. The lab space has also increased, with the theoretical capacity to run almost five hundred simulateneous experiments even before mission-adaptable space is used. The ship may not be sleek and fast, but the compact shape results in superior shield density to almost any other ship this size.

Dedication plaque. USS Omaha, NCC-68022, Ambassador Class, Fourth Ship to Bear the Name