USS Omaha


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Main Bridge   The ship's control center.
Main Engineering   The ship's mechanical heart.
Sickbay   The ship's medical facility.
Conference Room   The main command staff meeting room, for mission briefings and other discussions.
Transporter Rooms   The main method of getting to and from the ship.
Shuttlebays   The ship's two shuttle bays carry its auxiliary craft.
Security Center   Where the security and tactical department hangs out.
Crescent Moon Bar & Grill   The main recreation and community center.
Counselor's Office  
Crew Quarters   Home away from home.
Library   A place for quiet contemplation and learning.
Arboretum / Botanical Garden   A bit of the outdoors in the middle of the ship.
Gymnasium   A place to stay healthy so you can run away from angry aliens.
Holodecks   A land of pure imagination.