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Three Men in a Bar

Posted on Sun May 17, 2020 @ 4:12am by Commander Jason Faulkner & Lieutenant Commander Briar Tovan & Lieutenant JG Khylin Cooper

Mission: Episode 1: The Milk Run
Location: Crescent Moon (Lounge)
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1845

Jason and Briar were sitting at a table in one corner of the Crescent Moon, having just finished up a late dinner and now moved on to some drinks. As they chatted, Briar noticed their science officer slowly wandering through the room.

"He looks like he's lost or something," Briar said, indicating Khylin. Briar took another swig of his drink. "Do you think that we should invite him over?"

"I'm pretty sure even science officers have to do enough basic land nav to get around a room," Jason pointed out.

Briar sighed and shook his head. "Stop being dense, you think its cute but its not."

"I'm afraid that based on feedback I've received, most people disagree with you on that. Wave him over if you want."

"Ray does not count as most people," Briar pointed out.

He waved at the young man, who otherwise looked like he was going to be pulled over and shot.

Khylin wasn't even sure what he was doing in the Crescent Moon, the ships lounge. Apparently it was named after a fairly famous establishment in the city for which the ship was named... not that he had ever been. He kept looking around, hoping to avoid making eye contact with anyone. And it worked, at least until he saw the XO wave him over.  Very carefully picking his drink up, he made his way over to where he was sitting with the captain.

"Um, do you need help with anything sirs?"

"The XO thinks you look lost," Jason said. "Have a seat."

Briar frowned at Jason. "I'm just saying you looked a little.. overwhelmed."

"Its a big ship," Khylin admitted. He hesitated a moment before sliding into the chair opposite Briar. "Um, am I interrupting anything?"

"Not at all," Briar answered. "You do need to relax a little though."

"That seems a little hard to do when you are sitting across from your bosses... sirs."

"Hey, no, none of that," Jason said. He pointed toward the main entrance. "There is a sign over there that very clearly says 'no ranks inside'. I know because I had it made and hung it up myself. We're not your bosses, we're two colleagues having a late dinner and something that resemble drinks."

"How did you get that sign up without falling off the ladde and injuring yourself?" Briar asked.

"By being taller than you."

"You aren't THAT much taller," Briar insisted.

" I mean sorry that's a hard habit to break," Khylin said. "You didn't see the CO and XO hanging out in crew lounge at my last positing."

"I have some disagreements with my peers regarding how far the necessity of Starfleet's hierachy extends," Jason replied. "I got quite enough of it growing up."

Khylin tried his best to relax, even though he could already feel the tension headache coming on. He took several deep breaths and tried reminding himself that they XO and CO were just people too. 

"Besides, I think there's something to be said about getting to know the people you are commanding," Briar added. "Any theories on this monolith yet?"

Khylin took another drink of his whiskey... or whiskey like imitation and shook his head. "Nothing at the moment, I have the computer mapping out a cluster recognition algrothrim to check for other trace sources on the planet of the same mineral using probe analysis. Captain Kirk and crew's sensor readings weren't really the best so it's like we're starting all over again."

"Starting from scratch may be for the best anyway," Jason said. "This new find is hundreds of times larger than any previous ones. There's no guarantee it uses the same materials as the others. Doing as much as you can with just your own observations means going in with fewer preconceptions."

Khylin nodded slowly, relaxing slightly. "Yeah, that was going to be my approach. I'd like permission to bring down a few subsonic amplifiers from the geology lab."

"Well, you are the head of the science department," Briar said with a grin. "Pretty sure that allows you to remove any equipment that you want without having to ask permission for it."

"Pretty much," Jason agreed. "If it's in your storage, it's yours to use freely. And if it's part of general stores, Ops is supposed to let you have it unless someone else is using it. There's only a problem if something gets used up or broken and the logistics people need to replace it. Sonic sensors sound like a good idea to me, for what it's worth, since regular scans apparently missed this thing during the original survey."

"Any theories as to what you'll find?" Briar asked.

Khylin shrugged. "There's honestly not a lot to go on, I'm probably going to have to start with a clean slate like the cap... Jason suggested."

"Personally, I find it interesting that it's just there by itself," Jason said. "Historically Preserver artifacts are found alongside some kind of population, but as far as we know the planet was uninhabited before the colonists arrived."

"Unless we find evidence of some sort of horrible catalismic disaster," Briar offered.

"The first known Preserve artifact that failed?" Jason shrugged. "There'd be a paper in that for sure."

"I think we need to keep all our options open," Khylin said with a shrug. "But I'm anxious to see what is exactly in store for us."

"To the unknown," Briar said, rising his glass in toast.

"I can drink to that," Jason said.

"Um, yeah I guess I can too," Khylin said, nervously rising his glass.



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