USS Omaha
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Electric Touch

Posted on Wed Jun 17, 2020 @ 5:24pm by Lieutenant Vex Dawnrider

Mission: Episode 1: The Milk Run
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1300

Vex entered sickbay, doing his best not to be noticed. While replacing a faulty guidance sensor on one of the quantom torpedoes he had accidently gotten too close to one of the discharga vanes. Vex had recieved plenty of mild shocks before and was more than happy to write it off... until he started to lose feeling in the affected hand. Which was fine until he didn't feel Ensign Rose drop a spanner one it, which was now causing the middle to fingers to balloon up and turn varying shades of blue.

Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Zephaniah was new aboard the Omaha. S/he was still trying to get hir footing for lack of a better term. Hir previous posting had gone differently than sh/had anticipated. This was hir journey, hir path forward. Sh/was s fairly vigilant individual and even from hir office s/he noticed that the doors had opened.

S/he left her office to see who had come in. When sh/spotted the man with a clearly uncomfortable hand injury sh/approached him. "I would not recommend trying to self treat that" Zeph commented. "It looks like you had quite the day" the Doctor added. 

"Minor mishap with a torpedo," Vex explained.

"Uh-huh," replied Zeph having a look at the man's hand. "I would say slightly more than minor. Your finger has swollen up significantly and is turning a lovely shade of blue if you were a Bolian, but seeing as that is not the case...let's see what we can do for you about that" added Zephaniah as s/he reached to retrieve a medical device and started running it around the hand. It started to help the pigmentation of the man's skin return to normal as the blood flow began to normalize. "That's progress" s/he added. 

"Could have been worse, I could have blown myself up."

Zeph nodded "It always could be worse if you enter Sickbay on your own doing" the Hermat replied. "It's far worse if you have to be transported here, and well frankly if you are taken to the morgue and surpass my care, that's worse."

"I'm much too young and pretty for that to happen," Vex remarked. "Although some of my ex-sexual partners may attest to a different opinion."

"Good, stay pretty," replied Zeph packing up some equipment and fetching a dermal regenerator. The Doctor used it to do some last minute repair work. "How's that feel?"

Vex experimentally flexed his hand. "Pretty good."

"Good," replied Zeph. "You should start regaining feeling more in the next several minutes. It wasn't bad, but it was worth getting looked at."

"Thank you for forgoing the lecture," Vex said. "The last CMO I worked with had a habit of pointing out how dangerous everything was... including just walking around the damn ship."

Zeph waved hir hand dismissively. "I save the lectures for later on after about the third time you come in here with the same or similar injury. Then, I start dishing out the lectures" Zeph added. "Your hand will start to feel more like itself soon enough. Just try to avoid strong electrical currents and do not leave it around anywhere it will get crushed" noted the Chief Medical Officer. 

S/he bid adieu to the man and headed back towards hir officer where s/he could start getting a handle on the workload that was undoubtedly beginning to pile up. If this experience was anything to go by, this was going to be a ship that would keep hir busy.



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