USS Omaha
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Paranoid Much?

Posted on Sun May 3, 2020 @ 8:05pm by Lieutenant Vex Dawnrider & Ensign Emily Rose

Mission: Episode 1: The Milk Run
Location: Vex's Office
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 1015

Vex looked up from his terminal as the door chime sounded. 


Emily came in a second later carrying a PADD.

“Afternoon sir.”

“Ensign,” Vex replied. “What can I do for you?”

“I have that threat assessment you asked for,” Emily said.

“Have a seat,” Vex said. “Anything of note?”

Emily took a seat across Vex. “I’m afraid it’s not much. I pulled what data we had on both the Federation and Romulan colony on the planet, both have been pretty quiet.”

Vex nodded. “Any conflict between the two?”

“Nothing that really sticks out,” Emily said. “As far as the official reports go, they tend to stay away from each other. Although the Romulan colony isn’t a mecha of high technology, they employ considerably more tech than the neighboring Federation colony.”

“Not surprising, have the Romulans made any claim to the monolith?” Vex asked. “Given the nature of its discovery, I’m actually surprised they aren’t out there laying claim to it already.”

Emily shrugged. “They’ve given no official indication that they feel that way, at least not from the meager intelligence reports that I’ve read. Why, you think they are up to something?”

“Call me paranoid but the Romulans are always up to something,” Vex said.

“Forgive me for saying this sir but that sounds like a fairly harsh opinion of the Romulans,” Emily said. “The Empire has been severely weakened by the events of the Hobus Disaster, for all intents and purposes these seem like simple farm folk.”

“Oh they probably are,” Vex said. “But when word of finding like this spreads, I doubt that the Romulan government will just sit idly by, they’ll no doubt send someone to investigate, covertly perhaps but they still will.”

“Are you sure of that?”

“It's what I would do,” Vex replied, with a shrug. “Who knows what the research team is going to find down there, might be nothing but if it’s something you better be damn sure the Romulans will want to know about it.”

Emily smiled slightly. "You sound just like Mr. Pierce."

"Mr. Pierce hasn't survived this long by ignoring his gut instincts," Vex said. "I'm hoping I'm wrong but just in case I'm not I think we need to be prepared for it."

"Expect the worse and hope for the best," Emily said, with a nod. 

"Something like that."

"I'll see if I can get any other reports, maybe reach out to the Bajorans."

"Sounds like a plan," Vex said.

Emily got up to leave and then stopped, turning to look at Vex. "What do you think they'll find down there?"

"Who knows?" Vex said. "Maybe the key to the mystery of the universe or maybe just some dead, dried up, old bodies... preferably ones that stay dead."

"I'll see what else I can dig up."

"Thank you ensign."


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