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Down Time

Posted on Wed Jun 17, 2020 @ 6:18pm by Ensign Zayde Bridger & Ensign Theo Ayar

Mission: Episode 1: The Milk Run
Location: Crescent Moon
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 2015

"Did you see the game last night?" Zayde asked as he set their drinks down. "Your man Ellis totally froze on the kick off and you know what that means, right?"

Theo sighed. "I have no idea, but I assume you're going to tell me."

"You owe me actual alcohol, not this fake stuff," Zayde said. "Or you can find me a hot date... take your pick."

"Oh, come on, where am I going to find either of those right now?" Theo protested. "I can't just hack the replicators to override the intoxicant lockout."

"Oh you could but you won't," Zayde replied with a smile. "And as for a hot date, I'm sure there's some single lady on this ship that would love to go out with me. You always were my best wingman."

"Did you have any others?"

Zayde opened his mouth and then closed it again when he realized that Theo was probably right. "Fine, you're right...but I don't have to like it. How are things going with the new boss?"

Theo shrugged. "Fine. I mean, I try to stay out of her way, but she hasn't gotten mad at me specifically yet."

"She gets mad at others?" Zayde asked.

"She can be very..." Theo searched for the right word. "Dramatic. Theatrical."

"Like Missy Morgenstern junior year dramatic or Professor Tares theatrical?" Zayde asked.

"Either. Or sometimes simultaneously."

"Ew," Zayde said, making a face. "That sounds awful but mildly entertaining on occasion."

Theo nodded. "It absolutely is, but I have to pretended that it's not."

Zayde chuckled. "What about you? Any romantic prospects in engineering?"

"I don't know. I mean, I'm just an ensign and there's only a couple other officers at my rank. And we just got here, I don't want to potentially start some kind of problem if it doesn't work out."

"True, meet anyone interesting?" Zayde asked.

"Not really. I should probably join a club or something."

"I actually met our cheif tactical officer in the holodeck," Zayde said, after taking another swig. "Seems like a nice guy...reminds me of the cheif engineer with how blunt he is. Apparently, its part of their culture."

"So, what, he's a Tellarite?" Theo said, trying to remember who the security officer was.

Zayde shook his head. "Unkari, from the Gamma Quadrant. He told me they don't really believe in not saying what's on your mind. Makes you wonder if dating would be easier or harder that way."

"Why do you think that?"

"I guess, I mean wouldn't it be easier if on a first date that you could just blurt out that you weren't really that interested or how about how maybe you're just looking for something physical... you know a hook up," Zayde said. "Would have probably avoided some of my dating disasters."

"I guess. It seems like it might get annoying in the long term, but I guess if the point is to avoid that it works."

Zayde arched an eyebrow. "You're telling me that you wanted want to know exactly how someone was feeling on the first date? Avoid that awkard second date if possible?"

"I'm just saying a lot of romantic customs - and just everday friendliness and politeness - rely on either little white lies or omissions."

"So, you're telling me that you've lied to me before?" Zayde asked, leaning forward. "Like a little white lie to your best friend?"

"You overuse garlic," Theo immediately said, "to say nothing of what happens after you eat refried beans."

"Wait...what?" Zayde asked, eyes going wide. "You said you liked the garlic?"

"The problem isn't the garlic. The problem is the way your breath smells for hours afterward. And see what I mean about the downsides bluntness?"

Zayde opened his mouth to respond but then quickly closed it. "Alright, well remember when I had to tell you that Sam Warton broke up with you in 10th grade."

Theo's eyes narrowed. "Yes."

"And I told you that he told me that it was because of his parents, right? Some difference of opinon... well, actually he said you were a horrible kisser."

"See? That's a great example! It would have been terrible for my self-esteem. And I was fifteen, of course I was. He wasn't exactly anything to write home about himself."

"I mean... okay I kinda get your point," Zayde said. He took another drink and finished his whiskey. "But, you're telling me you've never wanted someone to just be completely up front?"

"Sure, just not necessarily all the time. But that's just me, maybe you'd have better luck."

A look of comprehension dawned on Zayde's face. "Wait, when Talia Grace told you that she had to break up with me because or her parents after the first time we... you know... slept together, her parents had nothing to do with that, did they?"

Theo shrugged. "That's the story I got. Also, who cares about high school at this point?"

"Fine, I conceed that in some cases it might not work the best but in others it would be really handy."

"I guess it must work for some people if his people keep reproducing."

"I hear he's single," Zayde said, waggling his eyebrows at Theo.

"He's a department head," Theo replied, aghast.

Zayde rolled his eyes. "Sometimes its good to live on the edge Theo, plus I hear that they have some pretty libral attitudes towards sex."

"De. Part. Ment. Head." Theo tapped his plate with his fork to emphasise each syllable.

Zayde rolled his eyes. "You're just still not over Cole."

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"You're looking for an excuse not to get back out there."

"I am literally going out there," Theo said, gesturing toward the windows and the flickering streaks of light beyond. "Soon I will be literally as out there from him as I could get without getting kidnapped by an alien in the Delta Quadrant."

"Alright, so maybe you two don't get married but he might still be fun to... relieve some stress if you know what I mean. He's a pretty attractive person."

Theo closed his eyes and pinched the ridges on his brow. "Sometimes it's like we're speaking different languages."

Zayde shrugged. "I'm still going to try and get you a date."

"Fine. Search away, as long as it's not someone I have to call sir."



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