USS Omaha
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Wandering Eyes

Posted on Thu May 21, 2020 @ 3:57am by Lieutenant JG Khylin Cooper & Lieutenant Vex Dawnrider

Mission: Episode 1: The Milk Run
Location: Holodeck 1
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 2255

Vex took a deep breath as he slide underneath the steaming, bubbling water. It had been a fairly long day and he was itching for some down time, especially away from any piece of equipment that might some how malfuction on him. So far, the holodecks had been the most reliable piece of technology that he had yet encountered on the Omaha. Alright, that wasn't entirely fair... the refit had been fairly extensive so there were bound to be bugs that needed worked out. He laid back against the edge of the spring and sighed contently.

Khlyin was both excited and terrifed that they would be arriving at the planet soon. He had tried to sleep, although none seemed to come. He went to the rec deck and lifted some weights and even did a few laps around the saucer section. Still, sleep appeared to elude him. He even considered going to sickbay to ask for something, though he nixed the idea. He didn't need to get the reputation of the nervous guy that also couldn't sleep. So, instead he decided to try for something relaxing in the holodeck. 

However, much his horror, when he stepped inside a program was already running. And even more to his horror it appeared that a nearly naked Vex was stepping into a pool of bubbling, steaming, water. Although really the most horrible thing was the incredibly high pitched squeak that came out of his mouth. 

Vex heard the doors open and then the unmistakable sound of someone in the begining stages of a freakout hit his ears. He smiled and slowly opened his eyes, looking directly at the young officer standing a few meters from him.

"Well, hello there."

"I'm so sorry," Khylin stammered. "I checked, I mean I really checked but the computer said it wasn't in use so I just came in... I probably should have knocked or something. Wait..would you have even been able to hear me if I knocked."

Vex chuckled a little. "Calm down, you're more than welcome to join me."

Khylin was sure that he had just turned a previously undiscovered shade of red. "Um, in there?"

"That's the general idea," Vex replied. "I don't think we've met."

He stood up, water running down the edges and planes of his scuplted body. He wore only his boxer-breif like compression shorts, which clung to his muscular frame and left nothing to the imagination. 

"Vex Dawnrider," he said, extending his now mostly dry hand. "Cheif of security/tactical operations. And you are?"

"Khylin Co...Cooper, Khylin Cooper," he said. His words came out in a rush and almost betrayed what it was that he was trying very hard NOT to look at. "Cheif Science officer."

"Glad to meet you," Vex said, as they shook hands. "Now, would you care to join me?"

"No suit," Khylin replied, gesturing to his athletic shorts."

"So, get in those," Vex said, stepping back into the bubbling spring. "Or go naked."

"I only have underwear on," Khylin said, sheepishly. He felt like he was an awkard teenager again trying to talk to the cool kids. Then again, he might as well have still been an awkward teenager. "Um, I mean the material's pretty clingy... you knwo so you might see... things."

Vex laughed. Khylin was incredibly naive, so naive that was damn near one of the most adorable things that he had ever seen. He stood up and gestured to the form fitting nature of his own swim attire.

"Won't bother me, besides, you seem like you could use a good soak. You look more tightly wound then a box full of sealing stem bolts."

Khylin took a deep breath. The steaming water did look good and he could certainly use some time to relax and there was the added bonus of engaging with the crew a little more. What was the worst that could happen?

"Um, sure. Okay, why not."

Hoping that he wasn't committing some sort of horrible social faux pas, he pulled his shirt over his head an then towed off his atheltic shoes. He pulled the socks off next but left his shorts on. He was trying to be open minded but he didn't need to venture that far into uncharted territory this soon. He walked forward and gently sat down in the water...which was heavenly. As soon as he slide down so that just his head was above the surface, every piece of tension seemed to melt away.

"Pretty good, huh?" Vex asked, leaning back and closing his eyes. "So, trouble sleeping?"

Khylin sighed heavily. "That obvious?"

"It's almost 2300 and you're wandering around dressed like you're going to work out. Plus, you came to the holodeck and you look tired as hell."

"For a security guy, you're very observant."

"Being big, dumb, and strong is just an impression that we like to cultivate," Vex responded. "Is there anything you want to talk about?"

"Not really...I mean sorry but no."

"Don't apologize," Vex said. "But, that being said, I think we should know something about each other. So, why don't you start?"

"Start at where?" Khylin asked.

"The beginning is usually good."

Khylin took a deep breath, he could do this. "Here goes."



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