USS Omaha
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Breakfast Meeting

Posted on Wed Jul 8, 2020 @ 12:48pm by Lieutenant Niobe Barton & Ensign Theo Ayar

Mission: Episode 1: The Milk Run
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 0630

Niobe piled on the bacon and then went right for the pasteries. She was glad that they would be arriving soon, most of the engineering/ops bugs had been worked out and she was itching to find something else to do. After grabbing a few rolls and one doughnut she headed towards one of the open spots and sat down, waiting for Ensign Ayar to arrive. She liked the young Bajoran, he was smart, adaptable and quick on his feet. What he lacked in experience he made up for creative thinking. 

Theo wasn't sure why his boss had invited - well, instructed - him to meet her for breakfast. He was feeling more than a little trepidation about it. He was starting to think she was more bark than bite, but that didn't mean it seemed like her to just decide to have meals with underlings.

"Good morning, lieutenant," he said after stopping by the replicator and then finding her.

"Just the man I wanted to see, have a seat."

Theo sat down across from her, not quite sure if he should start eating.

"Don't look so nervous ensign," Niobe said, with a smirk. "And dig in."

Well, he wasn't so far out of his teenage years he really needed more instruction that than to chow down.

"So, I've done some reading up on you," Niobe said, leaning back in her chair. She pulled a PADD from her pocket. "Decent enough grades, although looks like you struggled a little in temporal mechanics, does Professor S'vall still teach that class?"

Theo swallowed some hash browns while nodding. "Yeah. Maybe a few parts have changed but as far as I can tell she's still teaching the same thing as she has the last eighty years."

"That woman hated me," Niobe said. "Although to be fair, I hate she strongly dislikes most people."

"She's a Vulcan, ma'am. She doesn't feel any emotion strongly. She made that very clear."

Niobe smirked. "You aren't wrong there. So, tell me about yourself... what made you want to be an engineer?"

"I liked fixing things when I was a kid," Theo told her. "One of my neighbors growing up was in dome maintenance and he was always bringing things home to tinker with, and sometimes he'd let me help while he watched me. Not that I was much help."

"Blow off any limbs yet?" Niobe asked.

"Blow off... what kind of question is that?"

"Dismember," Niobe said. "Have them seperated from your body with explosive force," she continued. "I'd say the statement was fairly straight forward."

"Are we talking about my own limbs or someone else's?" Theo asked, not sure he really wanted to know either way.

"Yours," Niobe said.

"No. No, they're all where they should be."

"Good, did you leave anyone special back at the academy?" Niobe asked.

"No. No, not since before my training cruise. There was definitely some explosive separation there."

Niobe arched an eyebrow. "Someone didn't want you going off on your own?"

"We turned out to have some incompatible career goals."

"Understandable I suppose," Niobe replied. "Are you up to speed on the new Mark XII Series warpcore?"

Theo nodded. "Yeah, it's one of the models we trained on in training simulations."

"Good and how comfortable do you feel with the EPS systems of older ships? Specifically, those that utilizer dual phase power converters?" Niobe asked.

"I've read about them," Theo said cautiously. "We didn't do any hands-on work with those. Mostly I just remember some things from a history of starship design course I took as a liberal arts elective."

"And the old R5 series navigational deflector?" Niobe asked.

"We did a holosim for a field repair on an R5-E, once, but nothing on the A-D versions," Theo said. "Honestly, most of our classes focused on stuff from the 60s to 70s, the big wave of ships built leading up to the war, and then the newest stuff being produced. I think the expectation was that there were more experienced people to handle whatever was left of the older ships, which the instructors said were all getting retired or handed off to garrison duty."

"I believe that's there plan, although with as rapidly as Starfleet appears to be sending ships into the more unknown regions of the galaxy that could all change," Niobe said. "The reason I was quizing you is that an old friend of mine conned me into helping write refit protocols for the Steamrunner class of ships," she rolled her eyes. "That is the last damn time I play poker with a Vulcan."

"It seems like it'd be game they're very good at, or very bad at," Theo replied.

"The woman has a hell of a poker face," Niobe said. "Which, I realize in hindsight is absouetly true for a my defense, I'd had a lot of bloodwine. Anyway, interested?"

"Sure!" Theo said. "It sounds interesting and it'd be a nice change from crawling around conduits all day. Not that I mind, I mean."

"Crawling around conduits is what got me where I am today Theo," Niobe said, with a grin. "Besides, its useful to be able to disappear of some dignitary comes looking for a tour of your engine room someday."

"I'll keep that in mind next time I bang my head on something."

"Smart man," Niobe said. "I'll get you what I've started on later today, feel free to look it over and suggest any edits."

"I look forward to it."



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