USS Omaha
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Arriving at Derecho

Posted on Wed Jun 3, 2020 @ 10:06pm by Commander Jason Faulkner & Lieutenant Commander Briar Tovan

Mission: Episode 1: The Milk Run
Location: Main Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 4 at 0720

Jason sat in his command chair as the ship approached the blue-green orb that was Derecho. The planet was a small bit wetter than Earth, with wide oceans that fed the storms on the main continent that gave the planet its name. Just beyond the curve of the planet, a sliver of the only moon was visible, a slightly orangish body just a little smaller than Earth's was. He had come up to observe their arrival before the start of his shift, taking over from the sixth watch duty officer. He was sure the young woman could have handled a standard orbital insertion perfectly fine, but this was the first mission after all. It felt like he should be there.

Briar stepped out onto the bridge shortly before 0730. He was rewarded with a view of the planet Derecho, small and unassuming looking. He nodded towards Jason, who was sitting in his command chair. Crossing from the turbolift, he took a seat at the station directly behind Jason.

"Good morning, Commander," Jason said, twisting his chair enough to see him. "Got here early too, I see."

Briar nodded. "Just in case there's a Romulan Warbird waiting for us or something."

Jason turned his chair fully now. "Why would the Free State - or any other Romulan successor government - send a warbird over here?"

"Why not?" Briar answered with a shrug.

"We may be close to the border, but we're still inside Federation space. They'd need a pretty good excuse to be hanging around. Now, a scout ship or science vessel having engine troubles on their way to somewhere else, that I could see."

"You see, that's why we make such a fantastic team. You be optimistic and I'll be realistic," Briar replied with a grin.

"I'm not even sure how to explain just how much is wrong with that sentence, so I'm not going to try." Jason glanced over at the screen. "I'm having our geeks beam down directly to the site, but I figure someone should check in with the local government, too."

Briar arched an eyebrow. "Sending the kids down without an escort, that's pretty ballsy."

"Vex will be with them," Jason said, "and they're all trained officers. They'll be fine."

"True," Briar responded. "I'd like to make contact with the Romulan settlement if you don't mind."

"That seems like a reasonable division of labor," Jason agreed. "But are you sure you'll be safe? What if they have a warbird down there? A battalion of shock troopers? You might need an escort."

"Oh I think I'll be fine," Briar said. "Besides, I'm sure that Mr. Pierce would love a chance to stretch his legs a little."

"Sure, take him with you. He gets along great with Romulans. Mostly. Better than Klingons, anyway."

"I'm sure I can keep him in line," Briar said. "Or I'll just handcuff him to a tree."

"That's a terrible idea, but take pictures if you try."

"Why would you want pictures... oh gotcha," Briar said. "Did you decide who's going to lead the away team?"

"Maybe Barton," Jason said, "but I'm probably going to just ask them who they think it should be so I can see who volunteers and who doesn't."

Briar nodded. "Makes sense. She should be interesing, no compliants so far though."

Ahead at the helm, the Saurian CPO flying the last watch said, "Captain, we've established synchronous orbit."

"Thank you, Sal," Jason said as he stood. "I'm going to see the team off and beam down. Since technically one of us should be on the ship, you can do your visit after. I'll get you contact info for whoever's leading the Romulans."

"Better get a move on," Jason said.

"In that case, you have the conn," Jason said, stepping toward the lift.

"Aye sir," Briar said sitting in the chair.



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