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Preserver Pyramid Poking

Posted on Thu Jul 2, 2020 @ 6:52pm by Ensign Theo Ayar & Lieutenant Vex Dawnrider & Lieutenant Niobe Barton & Lieutenant Andrew Chapman PhD & Lieutenant JG Khylin Cooper

Mission: Episode 1: The Milk Run
Location: The Mysterious Preserver Pyramid, Derecho
Timeline: Mission Day 4 at 0745

The away team materialized at the edge of a meadow, surrounded by ankle-length grass, flower, and sparse woodlands. Birds are chirping and a faint breeze is rustling the leaves. In one direction, the land sloped down gently toward wide plains dotted with farms and a river valley. Perhaps fifteen or twenty kilometers away, at the confluence of two large creeks or small rivers, a town was just visible through the early morning fog. In the other direction were increasingly high foothills and then mountains, not especially high ones but still enough that a few peaks were tipped with snow and ice.

The team might be forgiven for thinking they were standing next to one of those foothills. The mound was a good hundred meters or more tall, depending on where you started counting from, and while unusually steep it wasn't immediately obvious that the corners were also strangely sharp due to how the soil lumped up. It was grassy but with fewer trees than the other hills, and the ones that were there were shorters and more scraggly.

The fact that the top twenty meters had been cleared of dirt and a shiny pyramidal point was now gleaming in the sun was a bit of a giveaway, though.

Niobe looked around a whislted before flipping her tricorder open. "Well, I guess size does matter."

"It certainly does, Lieutenant."  Chapman replied with a smirk as he activated his own tricorder.

"It's certainly been my experience that it has more to do with the... actually, nevermind, I think we've made enough innuendo for now. We might frighten our resident scientist," Vex said. He looked over at Khylin and gave him a wink before looking back down at his tricorder. "Area appears clear of predators and other dangerous fauna."

Chapman's smirk widened.  "I feel safe just having you around to protect us from any killer plants."  The Chief Ops Officer wiseassed before turning to Khylin.  "This is your mission, Lieutenant.  Where would you like to start?"

"Um, sir? Oh right, my mission," Khylin said. He took several deep breaths before continuing. "Let's get the sonic scanners set up first."

"Huh?" Theo looked away from where he'd been staring up, up, and more up at the pyramid. Sometimes being around such large structures and landscapes still weirded him out. "I think I've got those in my pack, sir."

"Right, let's get those set up then," Khylin said, starting towards Theo's pack. "Lt. Chapman and Lt. Barton maybe you could spread out and take some readings of the other sides. Once, we have the sensors in place."

Chapman nodded as he moved to assist with setting up the sonic scanners.  "Aye, sir."  He replied with a playful smile.

"See, your first order and no one died... yet," Niobe responded.

"Don't worry, the day is still young," Vex replied.

Khylin tried to ignore their bantering as he started to set up the interface on his tricorder. The scanners should allow him a better picture of the entirity of the structure, although he wasn't sure just how well they would penetrate the exterior given the unknown element that was present in the structure. It didn't take them long to get the sensors in place and Khylin activated them seconds later.

Niobe looked down at her tricorder and tapped the icon for the interface. Once it was up on her screen, she started taking in the information. Khylin would be responsible for the majority of work but still, there was plenty of information for both her and Theo to look at. There weren't any power readings emanating from the structure... or were there.

"Huh," Niobe said. She tapped a few commands into her tricorder and then looked back at the top of the structure.

"Leitenant?" Khylin asked. "Did you find something?"

"Check the EM band," Niobe said. 

Khylin looked down at his tricorder. "I see it now, a vibration right...I wonder if it's being caused by the sonic sensors or its a naturally occuring phenomenon."

"Could the structure being resonating because of the sonic sensors?" Vex asked.

"Probably unlikely," Niobe offered.

"Do you want me to run one of the sensors up to the top and put one on the exposed bit?" Theo offered.

Khylin nodded. "Let's try that and see if you can get a sample, in the meantime let's start mapping just how big this thing is with terrian based sensor software in our tricorders."

Theo scrambled off up the hill, sensors in hand.

"Understood," Vex said with a nod. He tapped in the scan on his tricorder and started gathering information. "Any theories on what could be powering it?"

"I'd almost guess geothermal," Niobe said. "Although, that might be too simple. Maybe some sort of passive EM absorbption process perhaps."

"We would have been able to detect some sort of EM fluctations from orbit if that were the case," Khylin said. He started slowly walking around, eyes locked on his tricorder. "But so far that hasn't been the case. I'm going to suggest it has something to do with the unknown element in the structure's compostion."

There was a distant shout from up the hill-slash-pyramid, where Theo was waving down at them. After a moment their communicators chirped. "Lt. Cooper? I can see some hover trucks flying this way. Oh. Uh, hello. I come in peace?" Another figure had come around the one of the corners of the pyramid, where a boulder had been obstructing the view, and was gesticulating at Theo. "Lieutenant, there's some professor up here who would like to speak with whoever is in charge?"

"I guess that's me," Khylin said. "Let me know that I'm on my way up... they look friendly, right?"

The shrug was almost audible. "Well, sir, she's a Tellarite, so... not particularly. Um. She does have better hearing than I thought, though."

"On my way, maybe don't say anything else," Khylin suggested.

"Yes, sir."



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