USS Omaha
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Morning Checkup

Posted on Tue Sep 22, 2020 @ 3:51am by Staff Warrant Officer Rayland Pierce & Lieutenant JG Amon Narud

Mission: Episode 1: The Milk Run
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 4 at 1030

Shortly after returning to the ship, Ray entered sickbay. He had seriously considered popping in just for a few seconds in the middle of the night, so he could claim he'd gone but noone was around, until he remembered that on a ship this size there'd be a night nurse for sure. All things considered he'd rather deal with a doctor than a nurse, and either would be better than the alternative of having the EMH show up in his quarters, which he know was what would happen if he didn't go at all. Midmorning seemed like the best alternative: everyone had gotten their coffee but there probably wouldn't be a backlog of torched techies or sliced scientists yet.

Amon was early this morning after an actually great night sleep, he couldn't quite put his finger on why but decided to not question it actively and so was busy setting up Sickbay for the day. He hoped not too many needed to come here. He heard the door open though he was in the lab area out of view and no others had reported for duty shifts yet. 

He walked out into the main area of Sickbay to find a gold uniformed man. "Hello, how may I help you?" Amon asked and noticed that the other man was enlisted. Interesting, Amon thought.

"Morning, doc," Ray replied. "I've been told that I should go see a doctor, so here I am. I can tell you already it's probably nothing, so if you could just point your tricorder at me for a few seconds and say I'm fine, it'd save a lot of time."

"So you did not report for a check up upon boarding this vessel for the first time Staff Warrant Officer?" Amon asked with one eye narrowing slightly.

"Hey, no, I swear, I did that," Ray said, pressing the palm of his right hand over his heart. "It's in my file. I've just got a headache. A recurrent one, not really enough to call a migraine, at least right now. It could possssibly be related to some old head trauma. Or the eye."

Amon gave an understanding smile. "How often do you not have a headache?" He asked.

"Maybe once a month. It's usually not this bad. So like I said, you can just," Ray pointed his index finger at his left templed, making a little circular motion along with a buzzing noise, "we can all get back to our real work."

"What are you doing just before you have no headache?" Amon asked attempting to learn if there is a specific environmental or external stimulus causing the headaches.

"At first it was after high-stress situations - heavy training, a long fight, that sort of thing. Older holodecks sometimes cause imagining issues and double vision, although I think I've mostly figured out how to avoid that. Getting too close to high-intensity EM fields can do it too." Ray shrugged. "I don't think I've been around any of that today. Mostly I was just grocery shopping and chatting with some folks."

"Grocery shopping? Nowadays?" Amon asked completely confused now, though he quickly focused on the evidence presented to him. He pulled out his medical tricorder from the coat jacket he wore and opened it. He detached the sensor from the top and began a body length scan. Immediately an artificial signature in Rayland's head. An eye implant? Amon mused, he was fasinated suddenly by it. He kinda leaned forward as he moved the sensor closer. "I haven't encountered one like this before," the tricorder chirped and displayed several bits and pieces of the eye seemed to be misaligned.

"Ah," Amon said as he moved the sensor around the back of Rayland's head then to the front again.

"The stupid thing is that this is supposed to be the simpler, rugged model. The implant, I mean." At that point, Ray tapped his left eyeball, just to see how the doctor would react.

"Rugged?" Amon asked.

"You know, immune to bullshit. Tetryon particles, high-intensity magnets, dampening fields, electronic warfare signals, all the stuff that'll make a tricorder give up and die. The doc that did the surgery said this implant can't do as much as a real VISOR but my skull should break before it does."

"Please don't break your skull okay." Amon said as he put the sensor back into the medical tricorder, the Kriosian looked at its display. "It seems the implant has several misalignments, they may have been caused by a variety of things." He hoped it wasn't rejection. "Why didn't you get a visor or a Starfleet Medical approved implant?"

"Hey, it's not standard, but the surgeon on our last ship said it fit regulations." Ray shrugged. "There was less of an adapation curve with this than with a visor or trying to regrow it all. I'd probably still be in therapy. And like I said, it's reliable, which is a big plus in my line of work."

"I apologise, I meant no harm. I can look into making some adjustments, however I may need to consult engineering if that is agreeable with you Warrant Officer Pierce?" Amon asked as he was no engineer and while it is performing a biological function, he'd still need help.

Ray shrugged. "If it will get the migraine to go away, you can do whatever you need. Except for activate the EMH, I can't stand that thing."

"Computer activate -- I'm just kidding," Amon said with a chuckle.

"Please complete request," the computer replied.

"Cancel." Amon said still chuckling then smiled. "Thank you, I will take some deeper scans and get back to you. I can give you stronger medication to help with the inflammation, it will ease the headaches until I have sorted the technical side of things?"

"That'd be great, as long as it won't keep me off duty," Ray said.

Amon frowned, "You will have to trial and error the dose as well as when you take it." He picked up a patient padd from the nearby trolley and tapped into it an authorisation for stronger doses of headache meds of whatever type that the patient wanted to use from a list. He offered it to Ray. "Here is your perscription."

"Thanks, doc. I'll try it out and let you know how it works."

"If any drowsiness I need to know immediately or any other medical officers. Do I make myself clear?" Amon asked.

"Yeah, yeah, I know the drill. If I start swooning I'll be right back." Ray started backing towards the door. "Y'all have a nice day."

"Swooning," Amon was laughing, "take care now," he replied as he watched the Warrant Officer leave.



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