USS Omaha
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Does and Don'ts

Posted on Sun Jul 5, 2020 @ 2:23pm by Ensign Zayde Bridger & Ensign Emily Rose

Mission: Episode 1: The Milk Run
Location: Phaser Generator
Timeline: Mission Day 4 at 1300

Emily was growing increasingly aware of the odd bit of quarks that seemed to plague the Omaha's systems. The ship had received a full update prior to leaving space dock, which brough most of the operating systems up to date. Most being the keyword. She had yet to experience any real issue that wasn't anything more than annoying, althugh now, with the away teams down in the surface, such an issue was cropping up. 

She resisted the urge to doll out a colorful metaphor or two. Finally after staring at her display for what felt like ever she looked up toward the secondary operations station. Truthfully, she hadn't been paying all that much attention to the officer that was sitting there, at least until now. He was of average height, with black hair and dark brown eyes. He filled out his uniform well and looked like he had a pretty active physique. 

"Ensign?" she asked.

It took a moment for Zayde to realize that someone was talking to him. He looked up from his station to see who was talking. She was on the short side but with an athletic build. But what caught his eyes was the red hair and sparking green eyes.


"Do you think that you can give me a hand with this?" Emily asked.

"Sure," Zayde said, pushing back from his station. "What seems to be the problem?"

Emily indicated her dispaly. "I keep trying to do a test of the phaser targeting systems but every time I bring up the diagnostic the whole thing crashes."

"Let me have a look at it," Zayde replied. He tapped a few commands into the system. "Found it, it's a software error. I can debug it from my station, hang on just a second."

Zayde jogged back over to his station and sat down. "First assignment?" he asked as he started to bring up the network connections for her terminal.

"Second actually," Emily replied, walking over to stand by his station. "I spent a few months on Jupiter Station before being reassigned to the Omaha."

"Very cool," Zayde said, as he continued to type in commands. "First of assignment of mine too."

"Anything like you imagined?" Emily asked.

Zayde considered her question for a moment. "I mean, I guess it's mostly like I imagined... although being assigned to the same ship as my best friend was not somethign I had envisioned."

Emily arched an eyebrow. "Oh really? That must be kinda comforting."

"It is in a way," Zayde said. "Just let me realign this datacluster and I think you should be back in business," Zayde said, tapping away at his station. "There ya go, try it now."

Emily walked back over to her station and input the appriopate commands. "Looks like its working perfectly. I'd say I owe you a drink."

"I'd take you up on that," Zayde said, turning around in his chair.

Emily smiled back. "Then its a date."



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