USS Omaha
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Coincidence, Thy Name is Venture

Posted on Fri Jul 3, 2020 @ 4:38pm by Lieutenant JG Jayden Bren & Lieutenant JG Gairon Jaggar

Mission: Episode 1: The Milk Run
Location: Crescent Moon
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 2100


Having checked in with the Captain and Exec a few hours earlier, then proceeding to transport his personal items from the cargo ship into a pile in his quarters, and touching base with the Saurian currently helming the ship, Jayden decided now would be an excellent time to check out the ship's lounge which, he was happy to discover, was about twenty meters from his office.  Once he entered through the double door, he found an empty seat and flagged for the bartender to come over when he got a chance.

Gairon's journey to his new ship taken a good two weeks involved three ship changes and a layover at Deep Space  Five. His last ship, a runabout that dredged up memories of when he and Ajais first got the Harvest.  The last leg had been the shortest one, just thirty-six hours.

He figured when he arrived, he's check in with the Captain and the XO, stow his gear and spend the rest of the morning organizing his office.  But, as he should have expected, things don't always go as you expect.  On the Archer it was 1000 hours.  On the Omaha though it was 2015.

It really wasn't that late, he could have still reported in, but it would have been bad form to barge in on them in their quarters.  So, instead, opted to kill some time and try to acclimate his internal clock to the new one he'd have to get accustomed to.  He stopped at his new quarters put the duffle bag on the bed, stripped down, and took a shower.  A real shower with water (rank had its privileges).  Then with his auburn hair still damp and despite its being so short threatened to become unruly.

He arrived shortly after Jayden had and noticed him in the periphery of his vision as he approached an L-shaped bar.  There was something vaguely familiar about him, but he didn't think much about it as he took a seat.  Then about half-way through his mojito.  The nagging in the back of his mind pulled him to his feet and towards the table where the man sat.

"Jayden?" he asked in an incredulous tone, "what in hell are you doing here?"

Jayden had been staring into his Altarian Brandy, swishing the glass every now and then, when he heard his name.  Looking up he saw the source, the telltale green skin, and tight fitting clothing of the approaching Orion counselor.  It took him a moment to realize he actually recognized him and downed the rest of his drink before responding.  "Gairon?  What am I doing here?  What are you doing here?  Did Hill send you?" 

Garion's years of training was the only thing that kept him from rolling his eyes.  "No," he replied in a calm tone, "unless you mean did Hill send me packing.  Then the answer would be yes.  He did not send me after you."

"If you recall, I was one of the ones that stood up for you.  I was on Hill's shit list too."

Jayden sighed.  Nearly a year of constant prodding by the Starfleet Disciplinary Board, conspiracy theories that he had disobeyed orders because he was trying to help synths overthrow the Federation, and having just barely enough support to stay out of the brig had made Jayden a little paranoid, particularly when someone from his old ship showed up out of nowhere.  "I'm sorry, Gairon.  It's been a long year and I've not had many friendly faces approaching me since I left the Venture.  So Hill got you too?" he asked, indicating for Gairon to take the seat next to him.

The Orion took the offered seat.   After taking a sip of his drink he sat it down. "It was getting to the point I was having to fight myself not to deck him."

Jayden chuckled as the bartender refilled his glass.  From what Jayden had heard when he first came aboard, Hill had been a hardliner his entire career and, after the attack on Mars and subsequent destabilization in the Romulan and Orion sectors, had been rewarded with the Galaxy-class starship.  Starfleet may have liked him, but there had been several instances in which officers had disagreed with his tactics and attitude.  Most of them ended up out of Starfleet because of it.  "Probably good that you didn't.  Believe me, sitting in front of a disciplinary panel isn't fun..."

Jayden didn't want to continue on the subject too long, so he worked to change the subject a little.  "Small galaxy, us ending up on the same ship.  I just got here a few hours ago.  Have you been here long?"

"About forty-five minutes.  Just enough time to drop my stuff off and grab a shower."

After taking another sip of his drink he gave Jayden a sideways look, "How are you doing?  This couldn't be easy for you."

Jayden shrugged.  "I somehow got a promotion out of it, so I guess it isn't all that bad.  But yeah, I've not had many people to rely on or spend time with over the last year.  It'll be nice to be part of a crew again."

Gairon unconsciously leaned forward moving closer to the other man, "You've been fighting this for that long?"

Jayden half nodded his head.  "The formal inquiry didn't take a full year, but Starfleet security is taking this whole synth nonsense incredibly seriously.  I'm pretty sure they even questioned my primary school teachers about me.  My dad's history of mental illness didn't help matters either, of course.  Then once it was over, it was hard to find a CO that would take someone with an insubordination charge in his file." he said, taking another drink from his glass.

"Everyone deserves a second chance," Gairon said  "I'm glad Commander Faulkner is giving it to you.  What kind of guy is he, have you met him yet?"

Jayden tipped his glass at Gairon's statement.  "He seems to be fairly laid back from what I could tell.  The XO's an interesting one though.  It's definitely a different arrangement than what we had on the Venture."

"Different in what way?" the counselor asked as he quirked his right brow.

Jayden smirked.  "Well, let's put it like this... your off-duty activities you liked so much on the Venture will fit right in here," he said, laughing and throwing a wink towards his drinking partner.

"I didn't get around that much.  Besides, I'm an Orion, it's expected of us."

His expression turned serious for a moment.  "I kind of regret that we only hooked up once."

"Depends on how you count, of course." Jayden chuckled, taking another drink.  "Besides, it wasn't that much longer that I was off the ship so we wouldn't have had much to work with.  Plus, you know us Trill, we have a different point of view when it comes to relationships and sexuality."

"I suppose that's true, it was a long night."

"So tell me, what exactly do you feel about sex and relationships?"

"Relationships are for procreation.  Sex is for the fun of it." Jayden said, rather straightforwardly.  "Some of the most fun I've had started with engaging the warp engines with guys, girls, and others, but its never been more than friendships."

"That's not too far off from how I feel.  Though I was in love once.  Really in love.  With a Romulan.  I'm still in love with him in a way.  Even though he's been dead for a while.'

"I'm sorry, Gairon,"  Jayden said, looking him in the eyes.  "What was his name?"

"Thank you.  It's been six years, but every once in a while I still see him out of the corner of my eye.  His name was Ajaias Docol, well Ajais Docol-Jaggar."

"Well, here's to Ajais," Jayden said, raising his glass, "he must have been something extra special to nail you down."

"To Ajais,"  Gairon agreed downing the remainder of his drink in one long gulp.



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