USS Omaha
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Professorial Pontification

Posted on Tue Jul 21, 2020 @ 2:46am by NPC CO Account & Lieutenant Vex Dawnrider & Lieutenant JG Khylin Cooper

Mission: Episode 1: The Milk Run
Location: The Mysterious Preserver Pyramid, Derecho
Timeline: Mission Day 4 at 0830

As Khylin and Vex made their way around the pyramid, they heard the commontion on the other side before they saw the source. Rounding one corner they found themselves looking at what was almost a small encampment, with several tents set up to provide shelter for various boxes and bulky pieces of equipment such as tractor-excavators and portable field generators. Dozens of young men and women - mostly humans and Tellarites but with a scattering of other species - were hauling things out of boxes and setting them up for use. A few looked at the officers with interest, but many seemed too busy or too tired to care.

Right in front of them, though, was their waylaid officer. Theo was clearly struggling to maintain a professionally blank face as a Tellarite woman in overalls talked with him. Even by Tellarite standards she wasn't particularly tall, maybe five-six at most, but she was built like a brick house. Bright green eyes glared out from her rugged face as she turned to face the officers.

"Here's some senior officers, ma'am," Theo said. "Sirs, this is Dr. Suret hap Gral. Doctor, these are Lieutant Cooper and Lieutenat Dawnrider. Lt. Barton wants, uh, help with the scanners, so I'm going to go do that now. Bye."

As he scurried off, Gral harrumphed and said to Vex, "Well. You don't look like you're much of a scientist, but maybe you can answer some questions."

Khylin did his best to stay calm around the anger woman and for a moment, really wished that he was Theo. However, what concerned him most was the fact that none of this business had been picked up by thier instruments. He pulled out his own tricorder and started scanning again, hoping to find some sort of explaination.

"Lt. Dawnrider," Vex said, extending his hand. "And I'm not the scientist, that would be my friend here Lt. Cooper. We were actually unaware there was another team looking at this particular site."

"So what are you," Gral said, very slowly shaking it, "the kind who hits people with fists, or that kind that hits things with wrenches? I don't see how either is useful here."

"I'd prefer to avoid hitting anyone at all," Vex said, eyeing the Tellarite woman. "I'm his security escort, you know to keep him alive."

Khylin nervously cleared his throat before talking. "We weren't under the impression there were any other expeditions studying the artifact."

"Oh, of course not, apparently it's too much to expect that the Federation bureacracy actually manage to pass on messages. I imagine that whoever was supposed to notify you and the local government is vacationing on Risa and letting their inbox pile up. That's certainly in line with how the rest of this expedition has gone so far."

"Do you have the authorization paperwork?" Khylin asked. "I'd be happy to run it up through the chain of command to so that we can make sure everyone is on the same page."

Gral pulled out a slim PADD stick, the sort that civilians who didn't have to use hardened equipment meant to work around spatial anomalies. The pen-sized device lit up and projected a virtual screen full of text. "Full dig permissions, straight from the Science Commission. We have a right to be here and to do whatever we need a designated radius around the artifact, lieutenant... junior grade? Is there a more senior science officer around?"

Khylin mustered more confidence than he felt when he spoke again. "I'm the one in charge of the Omaha's investigation team, anything relating to the artifact will be ran through me."

Vex surpressed a grin. Though the science cheif appeared timid, he was happy to see him standing up to the Tellarite. 

"He is right, this is his jurisdiction," Vex said, taking a step closer to the Gral. "And I'd advise playing nice, it will make this whole thing move a lot smoother."

"You're going to have to try more than just looming if you want to intimidate me, pup. You're too pretty to pull it off, and human males don't..." Gral sniffed a few times. "Not human? Or a man. Interesting. Where are you from?"

Khylin swallowed hard and looked between the two officers. It wasn't as if he didn't think that Vex could take the other person, infact, he was sure he could. He just didn't want his first away mission ending in fistacuffs.

Vex smiled at her. "That's hardly any of your business. What is your business is working with us to discover everything we can about this artifact."

"Finally!" Gral said with a toothy smile. "Someone who's actually on the same page. That's exactly the point of being here. I certainly wouldn't be visiting otherwise."

"Well, then where do you want to start?" Khylin asked. "We should probably contact our CO first, just to let him know what's going on."

Her beady eyes gleamed with delight. "That sounds like an excellent idea. I have some complaints I'd like to register with a legitimate authority about the constant harassment and disrepectful behavior we've encountered."

"Understood," Vex said. He grabbed Khylin by the arm and towed him away from the Tellarite and out of earshot. "Protip, never offer a Tellarite a chance to complain, they'll always have something to complain about. Let's contact the captain and let him know what we found, my guess is this expedition is news to him too."

"Oh, right..." Khylin said. "Sorry, I haven't dealt with many Tellarites."



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