USS Omaha
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Continued Poking, Prodding, and Scanning

Posted on Tue Aug 4, 2020 @ 11:33pm by Ensign Theo Ayar & Lieutenant Niobe Barton

Mission: Episode 1: The Milk Run
Location: The Mysterious Preserver Pyramid, Derecho
Timeline: Mission Day 4 at 0930

"So first off, I'm glad I'm not Lt. Cooper," Theo said as he returned to his superiors, loping down the grassy 'hill' like a two-legged puppy, "and second, there's a bunch of equipment and people over on the other side, shouldn't we have noticed that earlier?"

"On the planet for less than an hour and our team leader already has himself in a spot of trouble, huh?" Niobe asked. "Wait, what do you mean a bunch of equipment and people on the other side, our tricorders didn't detect anything."

"I know, right?" Theo said with a nod. "There's already a dozen people over there. Looked like they had a couple parked hover trucks and at least a Class 2 tractor-field excavator."

Niobe frowned and looked down at her tricorder. She tapped in a few more commands, hoping now that she knew they were there, she'd be able to find something. Howver, she came up blank much like before. She did not like that at all.

"Did you see anything they could be using to scattter or jam our scans?" she asked, closing her tricorder

"No, ma'am. It's all civvie equipment as far as I could see."

"That's even more concerning," Niobe said, glancing at the artifact. "Something is blocking or scattering our sensors... any ideas?"

"Well, the structure's the obvious possibility, although we should rule out something geological in nature," Theo said as he thought it through. "If it is the structure, it could be either the material absorbs scans, or some kind of active jamming. But if it was active, wouldn't someone have noticed while flying around?"

"That would have been my thought," Niobe said, with a nod. "Alright, let's start with something geological and see if we can't rule this out while we let Khylin and Vex deal with our angry friend over there. Where do you think we should start?"

"Something simple like a magnetic resonance scan, comparing this hill to some of the surrounding ones? We could set up a couple of monopole units and see if their signals reach our tricorders correctly."

Niobe nodded. "Let's start with a ressonace trace, we should get in touch with the Omaha too and see if they pick up anything hinky from orbit."

"Okay. Maybe they could beam down some extra trace enhancers and we could set those up too, to increase the resolution on the planetary sensor array."

"I like that idea," Niobe said. "Grab some soil samples while you're at it."

"Yes, ma'am. I'm pretty sure I've got sample tubes... somewhere," Theo said, straining his neck to look over his shoulder at his backpack.

"Allow me," Niobe said, coming up behind him. She opened the pack and rummaged around until she found the container. "Here you go."

"Thank you, ma'am," Theo said, accepting it back. "I'll be back in ten minutes." He looked up and down the length of the 'hill', and further up and down the actual landscape around it. "Maybe call it twenty."

"I'll contact the Omaha and start placing those extra trace enhancers," Niobe said. "And let's hope that Mr. Cooper has already talked down our short, angry, friend on the other side."

"Yeah, if not, I'll be somewhere on the other side of the mountain."

"And I'll be right behind you."


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