USS Omaha
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The Doctor Is... Out, Actually

Posted on Sat Jul 18, 2020 @ 6:32pm by Commander Jason Faulkner & Lieutenant JG Amon Narud

Mission: Episode 1: The Milk Run
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 1400

Jason sighed and rubbed his forehead. He wasn't a stranger to administrative inconveniences, having spent time as an executive officer and managing a semi-independent team before that. For that matter, growing up among both diplomats and Romulans had given him an early look at the functions of bureacracy. Still, becoming a starship captain had brought up plenty of new opportunities for red tape and other paperwork hassle. He tapped the comms control on his desk.

"Captain to Lt. Narud. If you're not in the middle of anything, please report to my ready room at your earliest convenience."

It took a moment to realise he'd been summoned, Amon was just sorting out his next batch of injections into vials for a hypospray. He nearly dropped one as he reached up and tapped his combadge. "Yes, Captain," Amon sounded like panicked but then a sigh came through as he calmed himself. "On my way Captain." The channel closed.

A chime at the ready room door indicated Amon was outside.

"Come," Jason called. As the door open, he started calling up Amon's file on his computer. "Take a seat, lieutenant. Or would doctor be appropriate?"

Amon walked in and he saluted before standing at ease. "Lieutenant please Captain." He smiled. "What can I do for you?" Amon added, he was glad he'd taken his injection yesterday.

"I'm afraid that I've got some news that may be good or bad, depending on how you look at it," Jason replied. "Dr. Zephaniah has unexpectedly had to leave the ship due to some personal matters. They won't be returning, and while Starfleet assures me that they will assign a new CMO, at the moment the position is unfilled. That means that as the assistant CMO, you're going to have to take over temporarily."

Amon nodded. "I understand Captain." He hoped that Zephaniah was okay and that of her family. "Any standing orders you gave her? She hadn't shared anything with me as of late. Understandable it may have slipped her mind with what is going on."

"No. We've just started our current mission but it's unlikely to require your department's services, unless the colonists ask for some house calls. Or someone gets bitten by one of those venomous wolf creatures down there." Jason glanced at the file some more. "I see you mainly work in biomedical research rather than clinical duties. Do you foresee any problems there?"

"Venomous Wolf creatures," Amon repeated fascinated by the prospect of studying such a lifeform. He snapped back a few moments later and blinked. "I am a qualified surgeon and authorised to administer bioagents, as my research does require it. So no Captain, no problem at all." He smiled pleasantly.

"Okay, that's good to hear. I know some doctors aren't always the hands-on sort." Jason frowned slightly but smothered it almost immediately. "Or that keen on management and admin, for that matter?"

"Some I would imagine, but then if they accepted the Chief position they can't complain." Amon chuckled.

"Looking at your personnel file, it seems like you fall more into the category of prefering to sticking to your research and clinical duties. Do you any career goals in mind? Projects you're wanting to pursue?"

Amon stared at the Captain for a moment wondering why he was interested. "I am a Science officer as well, mostly studies that are space related though I haven't encountered a subject I don't like in the Sciences, so I am at the Chief Science Officer's disposal if they wish assistance. Medical wise I'm content with my current situation and my research." He said.

Well, Jason supposed that was an answer, even it was a vague one. Not everyone wanted to be a department head, run a lab, or advanced up the chain of command, especially in the science fields. On the other hand, not really having any specific goals at all was a bit less normal. He'd have to give the XO or whatever replacement CMO they got a nudge to check in on Narud. "I'll pass that along to Lt. Cooper. That's all I had to discuss, was there anything about the department - or ship in general - that you'd like to bring up?"

"Since I was not at the mission briefing, anything I should know Captain?" Amon asked with a smile.

"Simple survey mission of an alien artifact, along with port call with the colony it's near. With any luck, it will be very boring for medical."

"I could help in Sciences then," Amon suggested, "with your and the Chief Science Officer's permission of course."

"By all means. No reason to sit around twiddling your thumbs."

Amon laughed. "Good one Captain. Permission to be dismissed?" He made a mental note to approach Lieutenant Cooper and see what duties and research he could assist Cooper with.

Jason nodded and gestured to the door. "By all means."

"I hope you did your boarding check up Captain," Amon said as he did a casual salute while turning and left the Captain's Ready Room.

"Blueshirts are weird," Jason said to himself, shaking his head slightly. Sometimes he forgot that there were people in Starfleet and on his own ship that would be perfectly happy sitting in a lab for their entire careers.



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