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A Burning Encounter

Posted on Sat Jul 25, 2020 @ 2:27pm by Ensign Dylan Chaparral & Lieutenant JG Jayden Bren & Lieutenant JG Amon Narud

Mission: Episode 1: The Milk Run
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 1000

Jayden entered sickbay with his left arm hanging down by his side, the sleeve torn and his skin red and blistering.  The shuttle impulse thruster he had been helping replace had decided to ignite while he was securing it in place, catching his arm in process.  "A little help here please!" he called out as he entered the door, he wasn't looking forward to the lecture he was likely to get from whatever doctor was on staff, particularly since he hadn't stopped by for his physical since coming on board.

Amon had been talking to medical officer Ensign James Rayner about various things when his attention was shifted to the entrance and an officer holding a burned arm. "Painkillers please," he told the medical officer before walking over to the rather attractive injured man. Focus! He told himself. "Come and I'll get you to lay down on the main bed, Lieutenant," Amon said with a smile, careful not to touch the arm.

Clearly a burn, and deep as it was blistering already. The other medical staff were already grabbing burn-related treatment tools, while the rest tended to inventory and admin duties. Jim handed Amon the painkillers hypo, "thank you," Amon said and with his free hand-assisted Jayden to lay down. "This will sting with the pressure but afterward the pain will fade." Amon pressed the hypo against the attractive man's shoulder of the burned arm. It won't knock him out but give him relief, hopefully.

Jayden heaved a deep sigh and closed his eyes in relief as the hypospray medicine began to take effect.  "Thank you," he said, glad to have the pain subsiding.  It was only three decks from the hangar to sickbay, but it felt like it had taken an hour for the turbolift to make the trip.

"You are welcome," Amon said with a smile before turning to the medical officers who jumped into helping. "Prep the grafting gear, I'm going to take some deep scans."

"Yes Doctor," Jim replied as he went off to get the burn kit from the lab area.

"Computer, initiate level 1 deep tissue scans," Amon ordered and the confirmation churp sounded a moment later as Amon tapped at the biobed's now rising scanner arch. It began to light up on the underside which Jayden could see if he wanted to look down. "I have to warn you that we may have to remove some burnt skin layers, but we can take layers from elsewhere. Dermal regenerators tend to pull skin which can be uncomfortable in the long run."

"Don't make it too conspicuous Doc, I was planning for a trip to Risa on the holodeck later tonight and I want to be beach ready." Jayden joked as he watched the sensor emitters glide over his body.

"Nurse..." Amon called and smirked at Jayden. "I'll do my best Lieutenant...?" He prompted his patient.

Dylan who had been treating a sprained ankle of an over-eager petty officer who had reduced the safety protocols in the holodeck and failed his attempt to climb Spider Rock in spectacular fashion. He dismissed the man without saying what was really on his mind and moved over to the other biobed he'd been summoned to.

"Yes, doctor?" he asked, "what can I do?"

"Hello, thank you for joining me. We have second-degree burns, so we will take turns doing the treatment. First, scan the sections of the burn for the deeper and dead parts. Second, inject additional painkillers and slowly surgically remove the dead skin. Third dermal regenerate the living skin cells as we remove the dead sections. Four add new skin at the last minute so the regenerator doesn't pull from nearby skin." Amon explained what he wanted to do. "Can you fill a hypospray with skin cells from all over the Lieutenant's body before we begin?"

"Of course sir," the nurse said as he moved to Jayden's shoulder to start the procedure.

"Thank you," Amon will just have to get used to being called Doctor, though if they do not get a new Chief soon he may be encouraged to take the Chief position permanently. He was okay with that, duty and service came first. He turned his attention back to the Lieutenant who had yet to introduce himself.

Jayden had waited for the two to game plan his treatment before responding to the doctor.  He didn't want to interrupt a train of thought and end up either short an appendage or with an extra one.  "Bren, Jayden Bren.  Sorry, I haven't checked in since coming aboard but I was avoiding sickbay.  It obviously worked, cause here I am." he half laughed as pain started to return to his arm.

Dylan did an eye roll and shook his head, "I'd stick with my day job if I were you and leave the comedy to the professionals."

"Pleasure to meet you, Mister Bren. I will be chasing all officers who failed to check-in," Amon said as he worked also collecting skin cells in another hypospray he picked up from the second tray of tools Jim had placed next to him.

Dylan slowly and methodically moved down the Trill's body.  "Are you feeling any pain, any discomfort?" he asked.

Jayden nodded.  "The pain's starting to come back to the arm.  A strong stinging sensation."  He turned his head towards Dylan and added, "I guess I'll need a new routine for the variety show then.  Any suggestions?"

"You could try juggling, that can be pretty entertaining," the nurse replied.

"We will need at least 4 hypos full of skin cells," Amon said he had been tapping at the biobed arch control panel. It was also showing him a prediction of how the operation will look at a few spots on Jayden's arm. It seemed good but this was only a prediction. He decided to let them continue their banter until he wanted Dylan to focus.

Dylan was using banter, not to flirt, but to keep the other officer's mind off of his troubles as much as possible.

He glanced over at the doctor and gave him a brief nod.  "I've got the first one now, and am about to start on the second."

"I've got the fourth now, finished the third," Amon said as he walked along the biobed and followed Dylan around the bed. "Ensign Kerrigan..."

Sara came over a moment later, "Yes Doctor?"

"Please give Mister Bren more painkillers," Amon asked with a smile.

"Of course Doctor," Sara replied and grabbed a hypo. She adjusted its configuration, warned Jayden about the pressure and then administered it.

"Thank you," Amon said, they shared a smile.

Jayden wasn't sure if it was the pain killers, or his pain receptors overloading and shutting down, but his arm wasn't hurting much at this point.  He had laughed at the thought of juggling, his hand-eye coordination had always been excellent but he'd never done anything but figurative juggling.  He had, unfortunately though, run out of witty responses so he decided to just lay on the bed and listen as the medical staff worked to fix his arm.

"I've finished the second hypospray, what now?" Dylan asked.

Amon handed the two skin cell filled hypos to Sara then returned to stand at Jayden's burnt arm's shoulder. "Please give the hypos to Kerrigan and you will assist me with skin removal and inject the skin cells while she'll dermal regenerate after us," Amon explained and offered the medical tricorder to Dylan. "You scan and find the deeper dead skin please and I'll remove it then you inject the replacement skin cells." He picked up the laser scalpel and the larger hypospray to collect the dead cells. The Scalpel will cortorize the blood keeping it inside the Lieutenant's body.

"Yes sir," Dylan replied.

Then he turned and handed the hyposprays to Sara just as the doctor had done before taking the tricorder from him and began scanning holding the tricorder.

"Here, here and here," he said, pointing to one spot just beneath the shoulder, one above his elbow and the final one almost at his wrist.

Lasering the skin section near the shoulder, Amon hyposprayed the dead bits and pieces. He let Dylan follow him down the line and Sara was behind Dylan.

Dylan followed suit.  It wasn't a particularly difficult task to complete, as a trauma nurse he'd seen worse and done more difficult things, but it wasn't easy either and he was careful not to make the pilot endure any more pain than was necessary.

The operation went quickly, Amon smiled at the end. "Okay Lieutenant Bren, I'm going to take a few scans then you should be ready to return to duty after a few hours observation."

"Thanks, Doc," Jayden said, leaning up on the bed slightly.  "Definitely feels a lot better now."

"This does make good information to add to your medical file, Mister Bren." Amon turned to Dylan, "Nurse could you put Lieutenant Bren's medical file onto a padd for me and I'll put this," he gestured to the various tools they had just used. "Away," he turned to Sara. "You and Ensign Rayner can return to your regular duty shifts, thank you all for your help."

Sara nodded with a smile, Jim spoke up. "No worries Doctor." The two-headed off to check on other biobeds and those that had entered while Amon, Sara, and Dylan were in surgery.

Amon turned back to Dylan.

"Yes, doctor, is there anything else?" the nurse asked.

"No, you can return to your regular duties," Amon said with a smile.

With a small nod to both men, Dylan slowly turned on his heel and left the area to attend to other patients



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