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Hello Nurse

Posted on Mon Jul 20, 2020 @ 6:53am by Lieutenant JG Amon Narud & Ensign Dylan Chaparral

Mission: Episode 1: The Milk Run
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 1500


Junior Lieutenant Amon Narud entered Sickbay after his meeting with the Captain, he wasn't sure if the former Chief Medical Officer had told her staff or not that she left. So he walked to the center of Sickbay. "Can I have your attention?" He called.

Dylan looked up from the stack of PADDS he had been trying to sort out.  It had taken him a good half hour to determine his predecessor or at least the previous Chief Medical Officer's filing system.   It seemed at best, counter-intuitive. He'd just started to put things into a semblance of order when he heard a voice call out.

Stepping out from behind the receptionist's desk he moved towards the center of the room joining the few staff that were currently on duty.

Ensigns Jim Rayner and Sara Kerrigan were chatting by the Surgery Suite biobed, Jim was tinkering with parts that were under a panel he had pulled out. Sara had to turn around to see where the voice had come from and Jim sidestepped her to see.

Amon looked around the Sickbay. "Hello, I've just met with the Captain and he informed me that Doctor Zephaniah has left the ship and Starfleet service for personal reasons." He let that sink in as he frowned. "While I didn't know her well, I know some of you will miss her. Until Starfleet Medical assigns a new Chief, I will be assuming acting department head status." He smiled. "Please do come to me with any issues, concerns and ideas you may have as to how we may improve our Sickbay and how we may better heal our crew. I am Junior Lieutenant Amon Narud for those of you who may not be familiar with my name." He nodded to those around the room. "I will be reviewing duty rosters in the coming days, if anyone has requests please come see me as soon as possible. Thank you for your time. I'll be in the office."

Dylan started to return to what he'd been doing but changed his mind instead.  He changed direction and headed to the office that the new doctor had just entered.

"Excuse me, sir, do you have a minute?"  he asked

Just seated Amon looked up and smiled. "Yes, Nurse...?" He asked, he'd failed to learn everyone's names but now he'd need to learn them fast.

"Sorry sir, I'm Dylan. Ensign Dylan Chaparral.  I've just been trying to reorganized things and didn't want to have to do it again, or have to have you do so.  Is it okay if I proceed?"

Amon smiled again. "Pleasure to meet you, do you prefer Ensign or Nurse?"

"Nurse is fine, doctor.  I'm easy," came the reply from the Ensign followed by a delayed blush.  "Wait, that came out wrong."

A smile crossed Amon's face again and his eyes softened. "Hello Nurse Chaparral, now about this reorganisation, what are you referring to?"

His face returning to its original color, more or less, Dylan replied, "Things appeared to be, em, haphazard, at least to my untrained eye.  I mean I'm sure they made sense to your predecessor and all, but they weren't exactly orthodox."

"Would you like to come look at what I've done so far? You know just to make sure we're in sync?"

"Sure," Amon stood and walked around his desk to stand within a meter of Dylan. He wanted to see how the Nurse would react to him being close.

Dylan didn't flinch at the doctor's bold advance, he simply, though rather suddenly, turned the opposite direction.  It might have been because he was anxious to have the new Chief to examine his work, or it could have been so he could examine something else.

"Coming?" he asked.

Following the Nurse, Amon wondered about what Doctor Zephaniah's organisational skills weren't orthodox and haphazard. Reports were reports and medical files were medical files unless she had them all interconnecting which could cause confusion, he supposed. Was Dylan the secretary? Amon thought as the two approached the desk outside his new office.

"These are the patient files, all different PADDS and this is how I've started to sit up."

"How do you plan on organising them?" Amon asked he wondered if Dylan would sit down.

Dylan did not sit, but he did lean against a convenient bulkhead.  "They were organized by the officer's serial numbers.  I'm organizing them alphabetically, or at least that's the way I started."

"Please do," Amon agreed. "Serial numbers," he added with disgust, he bent over to access the computer terminal as he examined the filing situation. His uniform pants were more form-fitting than the standard.

Dylan noticed.  He was a normal, though not overly-sexed, gay man. He successfully overcame the minibattle not to whistle, or make some obvious noise, or make some career-ending remark like 'nice ass' but he couldn't help some reaction and he cleared his throat.

Amon straightened up to his full height and turned to Dylan, with a smile. "As you re-organise, can you put a list of those who hadn't checked in with Sickbay when they boarded onto a padd for me?"

"Of course sir.  I'll try to have it on your desk by EOD."

"Thank you." Amon left the Nurse to his own devices and did a quick walk around Sickbay, he talked with a few other medical staff before returning to his office.



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