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Checking Out The Green... Oh Medically Of Course!

Posted on Tue Aug 25, 2020 @ 6:36am by Lieutenant JG Amon Narud & Lieutenant JG Gairon Jaggar

Mission: Episode 1: The Milk Run
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 2000

Gairon tugged at the hem of his jacket and checked himself over in the mirror. It had been a very long day with several walk-ins and his shift had been over hours before.  He'd eaten a quick sandwich and drank down some stale coffee, but that had been hours ago.

He didn't really have any place to go, and he sure wasn't going on a date.  He was just going to head to his cabin for a nice relaxing evening listening to some nice Terran Jazz and maybe reading some more of Oliver Twist, an actual book he'd found at the last space station he'd been at and maybe find himself something to eat.

First, though, he had to get his physical done.  He crossed the hall and stepped into Sickbay

It was just after 2000 hours and most of the Medical staff had gone off duty, only Amon remained as he was taking the night shift. He wanted to run a few tests on his inhibitor serum when he heard the door open. The Kriosian-Valtese got up and left his office, just pick one! Either was correct and the same. Amon thought and decided on Kriosian as he found a green-skinned man near the door.

"Hello...." He quickly made a quick glance at the rank on the man's shirt and it was equal to his own, and blue colour meaning Sciences or Medical. He hadn't met him before so he wasn't in Medical, Sciences then. Amon thought as he offered his hand in greeting. "Lieutenant..."

The Orion was surprised to see what had to be the Chief Medical Officer, or the assistant standing there.  At this late hour, he'd been expecting a junior officer, maybe even just a nurse.

"Jaggar, but you can call me Garion.  Sorry to trouble you, but I just needed to get my physical.  Do you mind?"

He stuck out his own hand and shook the doctor's.  "And I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage now.  I don't know your name."

"Lieutenant Junior Amon Narud, Assistant Chief Medical Officer... Well, acting chief for now." Amon said and after the two shook hands, the Kriosian put his hand back behind his back. "Ah, thank you for taking the initiative in coming to get your physical done. I am preparing to chase those who think they can avoid it." He grinned evilly. He gestured to the nearest biobed. "Please come and be seated." Amon let the other man proceed him.

The Orion returned the other man's smile in the same manner he'd received it, though he wasn't quite sure why.

"So, what do you do when you catch them?" he deadpanned.

"If they refuse a medical order, I will inform them that they will receive a report on their file that I will submit to the Captain and Starfleet Medical detailing their failure to follow protocols." Amon said as he grabbed a medical tricorder from the equipment trolley against the wall.

Gairon sat down on the bed, "Wow, you were serious.  I was sure there was some smart ass retort you were going to throw back at me."

"Remind me to never piss you off."

Amon turned back to face the Orion man. He opened the medical tricorder and pulled out the small sensor before making eye contact, the evil grin returned. "I may sedate those who resist and drag them to Sickbay, though transporter is faster," he said glancing upwards as he tilted his head a bit. Amon shrugged as he slowly extended his arm with the hand holding the sensor so he could begin the physical.

He didn't want to appear threatening as his words would be taken as. "I'll be sure to remind you at the start of our encounters," Amon winked before he focused on his tricorder's display. "Oh this is a great opportunity," he said excitedly. "May I conduct some additional deeper scans so I can investigate Orion pheromones? I'm assuming males produce them as well?" Amon's words seemed to rush out but he kept his focus on the tricorder.

The Orion laughed that came from his belly.  "Encounters?  You're planning more than one?"

Then as the doctor's tone changed so did his.  "We do, though not as strongly as a woman does.  Feel free to run your scan."

"Thank you." Amon said with a smile, "well unless you plan on avoiding me, we will have many encounters." He smirked. "May I request you lay fully on the bed Lieutenant?" He asked, he had a few devices he planned to use for his research and it would be more comfortable for the Orion if he was relaxed. Once again Amon was glad he'd had his injection otherwise who knew what his empathic senses, his imprinting urges and Orion pheromones could do to him all at once.

The counselor bit his lip to keep from making a smartass remark, as tempted as he might be to do so and laid back on the biobed.

Once the Lieutenant was settled, Amon placed the sensor on top of the Orion man's right shin and started to softly drag the sensor upwards. He forced his eyes to remain on the tricorder's display and not where the sensor made contact. The soft sensor sound giving the Kriosian additional focus to fight the desire to ogle.

"You might want to move that wand a little to the left," Gairon suggested as it moved over his groin area.  "Believe it or not, that's not where my pheromones come from."

It seemed silly to have them produced in the area he wanted to look, unless the Orion men walked around naked, clothing would effectively ruin the pheromone's purpose as they'd block the scent. Amon's scientific side was processing all the possibilities, and then some, while his somewhat inexperienced social side was both freaking out as well as being excited.

Well since he was invited to do so, Amon did as Gairon suggested and his fingertips moved along some interesting bodily terrain. "Really? I better check," Amon said in a flirty tone and couldn't believe he had and was doing as he was. Still, his focus on his tricorder as he checked that everything was in working order and he may have jiggled the sensor a little. Amon wasn't sure he did or not as he continued further up, the sensor examining stomach and both sides of Gairon's chest.

He held the tricorder a little further away so his peripheral vision could see more of the Orion man.

There had been a brief moment when there had been a rise in the interesting areas.

"Are you sure this is an entirely scientific experiment you're conducting?"

"Yes," Amon said entirely too quickly as he brought the sensor up to make contact with Gairon's neck. "So where are the pheromones produced from?" He asked this was not the time to flirt. He may seek it some other time. "Oh, so what is your position aboard this ship?" He asked as he hadn't gotten through all the crew files yet, he kept getting distracted by his research.

Gairon wasn't so sure he believed the other man entirely, but he wasn't going to press the issue. His coy smile slowly faded.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have been so flippant. They're produced in my adrenal glands."

"As to your other question, I'm the ship's counselor and turn about is fair play.  I've visited you and sometime in the next few days, I'm going to expect you to return the favor."

"Very well." Amon said, "If I forget please come and collect me. I sometimes lose track of time." He smiled.

"Not the worst excuse, I've heard," Gairon joked, "why don't we go ahead and schedule something now.  I can even stop by and remind you in case you forget."

"Sure and please do." Amon smiled, he'd actually wanted to discuss a few things, he hadn't been comfortable with the other counselors he'd met up til now so he was glad he'd made a connection with Gairon. "After your physical of course." He said with a grin. "Did Starfleet Medical give you any kind of medication to prevent or dull your pheromones?"

"They did, and I take it first thing every morning.  Sometimes in the evening as well if I know I'm going to be in a social setting, with lots of people around."

Amon nodded and frowned. "Is that why I am detecting very little," he commented. "It is connected to your emotional state isn't it?"

"My emotional state enhances it so yes.  When I was younger, my anger could trigger it.  Which, well let's just say there were unintended consequences.  The drugs help to keep the effects subtle.  Unless of course I'm attracted to someone and trying to seduce them by more than by wit and my charming smile."

"I imagine many wouldn't be able to resist, your charm and wit." Amon joked though he assumed Gairon knew that was mostly referring to the pheromones as it was chemical and unless a counteragent was available there wouldn't be much defense against an Orion wanting to force someone to submit. Amon had read about the pheromones having memory altering properties depending on continued exposure and at greater levels. "As per regulations, all crew may receive a counteragent if they so choose to use it if you wish to have some with you to give if your own medication is lacking or any other reason I can do that for you?"
Amon offered, he had read that the pheromones had an addictive effect on those exposed to it for long periods of time.

"That's not a bad idea.  I mean, I don't think it would ever get out of control like that.  But despite my bravado, that's the last thing I want."

"There is the other possibility that the medication may damage your pheromone production and you may need them in the line of duty," Amon said, he had concern in his voice.

"Then what should I do?"

"I hate to tell a Counselor that controlling your emotional state is probably the best option in the long term, ironic," Amon laughed, once he finished he smiled. "Perhaps a reduction in your medication, as I am familiar with biochemistry I'll be happy to see if I can come up with a safer and better medication," he suddenly looked tired as he glanced away. "It was the third reason why I asked if I could study your pheromones."

"I  do try to keep a check on my emotions, and usually pretty successful at it. So, that part I think I have that part covered as much as possible But, I would appreciate your help on working with me on the medication."

He eyed the other man carefully.  "You look exhausted and I think I've overstayed my welcome.  I really should be going."

"Sorry, can I just quickly take a few samples so I can work on the medications?" Amon asked with a tired smile. He could get some rest after and the medical officers in the medical rooms can take the rest of his shift.

"If it's not that much trouble, I'd appreciate it.  But, if it's not a good time right now, we could always reschedule."

"No trouble at all." Amon smiled, he went over to the tool trolley and picked up the hypospray as well as the four empty vials. He brought them back to the Orion. "It'll just take a moment," he said as he placed one of the empty vials into the hypo after he put the rest of them on the biobed beside Gairon. The urge to simply touch the seductive green skin with his own fingers was a momentarily powerful before his promise reasserted itself. It could be his empathic imprinting, Gairon's pheromones, or maybe just his own curiosity at what the other man's skin felt like that had driven the urge. Amon hated not knowing the cause but gently pressed the hypo to the Orion's neck near behind his ear.

He repeated the process 2 more times but on the 4th Amon had leaned a little closer without noticing and suddenly he was aware that they were too close.

Gairon for his part was confused.  This should have been a simple procedure, then the doctor was right there, not just in his personal space, but so close they were almost touching.  He was torn about what to do; take a step back, push him away, move closer, kiss.  All those thoughts rushed through his mind.

Finally, he took the other's hand and placed it where the hypospray had just been.

"" he asked throatily unsure what he was doing himself.

It was too late, Amon made their lips make contact as if in a trance.

Green brows rose and the Orion released his grip on Amon's hand brought it up to his neck, pulled him even closer, and deepened the kiss.

After a few moments, Amon realised what he was doing and gently broke the kiss, he slightly glanced away. "I'm so sorry, please forgive me, I should have asked." The Kriosian blushed, as he took the hypo away from Gairon's neck and placed it beside the other vials. Though he was still in place by Gairon's hand, Amon had been so curious about what the Orion man's lips felt and tasted like that his control had slipped so completely.

"You don't need to apologize," Gairon said after he had caught his breath.  "I didn't exactly push you away.  I would have if I didn't want it."

"This isn't the time or place, but did you want to do more than just kiss?"

Amon chuckled. "You are right about the time and place," he made eye contact again and smiled sadly. "I do, but I have to finish my shift and I have some things that I need to tend to after, may we meet up another time?" Amon asked hopeful that they could continue another day or night.

"Of course, just message me on my PADD. I am looking forward to it."

"Excellent," Amon softly touched their lips together briefly then pulled away gently. He picked up the vials and hypospray, he gave Gairon a sly wink. "Well I give you a clean bill of health Lieutenant and I will have those medications to you soon. Until our next encounter." Amon said with a grin before walking away into his office.

The Orion with a sly, satisfied grin of his own, turned to go.

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Lieutenant JG Amon Narud
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