USS Omaha
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A Different Sort Of Housecall, Part One

Posted on Sat Aug 29, 2020 @ 4:11am by Commander Jason Faulkner & Lieutenant JG Jayden Bren & Ensign Zayde Bridger

Mission: Episode 1: The Milk Run
Location: Transporter Room Three
Timeline: Mission Day 4 at 1500

In the middle of the afternoon, in two different places on the ship, the computer chimed and the captain's voice came over the comms. "Lt. Bren, Ensign Bridger, reporter to transporter room three."

Jayden had just gotten to the flight control office, just outside the main shuttle bay, after having helped realign the navigational array on one of the Argo transports.  He hadn't had much to do on the bridge since the ship had arrived and been planeted in orbit so he had opted to get his hands dirty again... this time without Grong anywhere nearby.

Tapping his comm badge, Jayden answered, "Be there in five minutes sir, just need to change my uniform." as he grabbed a spare tunic out of his office closet.   "I wonder why they need a pilot on a survey mission?" he thought to himself as he changed.

Zayde stepped out of the turbolift, halting himself as soon as his communicator beeped. "Understood sir, on my way."

Jason was waiting in the transporter room when the officers arrived. Sitting on the pad behind him were a pair of repair kits. With a smile, he said, "Good afternoon, gentlemen. How do you feel about good deeds?"

"That they usually don't go unpunished," Zayde replied. "Sir."

Jayden gave a sideways glance towards the Ensign before responding.  "So they say on Earth, Sir.  What kind of deeds are we to make good?"

"You are too young to be cynical," Jason said, pointing at Zayde. To Jayden, he continued, "We got a request from a ship currently landed on the planet. They're experiencing difficulties with their navigational array and don't trust the quote local yokels unquote to assist, and asked if we could send someone to take a look. With Barton busy digging around planetside, I figured the flight control officer is the next best choice."

"We're on maintainance duty?" Zayde asked.

"Yes, if that's what's needed. Hopefully it's not more than a two-man job, but if it is, call the ship for some enlisted techs from either of your departments. Consider it practice for the next time we run into a ship that's broken down in deep space."

Jayden nodded.  "I've been spending most of the last two days working on the shuttle fleet anyway, Sir." he responded.  "Which reminds me, we might want to let the refit crew know their shuttle maintenence teams are using expired gel-packs."

"Write it up and I will send it on to the yard," Jason said, while waving toward the transporter pad.

"What's a yokel sir?" Zayde asked.

"A hick. Redneck. Bumpkin, perhaps. Basically someone from a rustic background who stereotypically lacks education and is looked down on by people who think they're sophisticated."

"Oh... never met one of those."

"I suppose you wouldn't find a lot of them in lunar domes or at Starfleet Academy, no."

Jayden shook his head.  Terrans had an interesting way of looking at different lifestyles, he had found.  Often in the past and, as he had recently learned, still to the present it could often present in a violent way.  His limited interaction with the captain had left him with the immpression that he wouldn't be that kind of terran, but there was no way to know how the research team the others had encountered on the surface would act.

"We'll do what we can, Sir." Jayden said as he grabbed one of the field engineering kits that were waiting next to the transporter pad and then stepped onto the pad.

Zayde followed the other officer up to the transporter pad. At least he wouldn't spend his first mission scrubbing the plasma conduits. Hopefully, Theo was having a more exciting time than him though.

Jason briefly considered whether he should tell this group of officers that there was a no-stabbing rule like he had the last one, but decided that neither of them looked likely to need it, so instead he nodded to the transporter chief and a moment later the pair dissolved into light.


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