USS Omaha


Posted on Sun Oct 18, 2020 @ 5:08am by Lieutenant JG Khylin Cooper

Mission: Episode 1: The Milk Run
Location: Astrometrics
Timeline: Mission Day 4 at 0000

Khlyin brough the coffee cup to his lips and then inhaled deeply. The rich aroma filled his nose and sent a shiver down his spine. Although he enjoyed field work immensely, he also loved the modern comforts that a ship like the Omaha provided. He took a small sip and set it down, turning his attention to the large schematic of the structure they had been investigating, which now occupied most of the screen. He tapped a few more icons and brought up the sonic scans that they had taken as well.

"Computer, analyze sonic scan information for geological instablities."


It took the computer just a few moments to finish gathering the requested information and throw it up on the screen next to the image. Khylin took another sip of his coffee before turning his attention fully to the image in front of him.

"Computer, are there any signs of soil decay?"


"Hmm," Khylin wondered aloud.

"Computer, are there any signs of heavy metals or other toxins in the surrounding areas?"


"Wait, what?"


Khlyin killed the voice interface before turning his attention back to the scans. How they were coming up inconclusive was a bit odd to him, mostly considering they had managed to gather a great deal of information. He brough up one of the radiation filters and started applying it to the scans. As soon as he did, however a small spike appeared on his instruments.

"Chroniton radition," he said. "What are you doing there? Let's try narrowing the bandwidth and increasing the gain, maybe we missed something."

It was entirely possible, the processing power of the Omaha's main computer was several times that of their tricorders. There was always a chance that it might find something that they missed. A moment later, he got his answer as his display lit up with more information.

"Theta radiation, now?" Khylin shook his head.

Neither one was present in large enough amounts to hurt anything organic but their presence alone was weird enough. He downed another sip of his coffee, glad that he was back aboard where he could replicate more, before diving back into the scans. He wasn't sure what else he was going to find but he had a feeling that this was far from over.