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USS Omaha is an Ambassador-class starship, just leaving the refit yards in 2394. At almost forty years old, she may not be quite as glamorous as the newest ships of the line like the Sovereign or Galaxy classes, but once you look past her quirks she's still built to venture past the frontier. The same goes for the crew: a mix of young guns, second chancers, and oddballs looking to prove that they've got what it takes to carry out Starfleet's mission of exploration and discovery.

Join us as we investigate ancient mysteries, delve into strange scientific phenomena, and occasionally get our shirts ripped.

Latest News Items

» Middle of September Update

Posted on Sun Sep 19, 2021 @ 9:23pm by Captain Jason Faulkner in General News

Hey all,

Here's a quick update as to where things stand with the current mission. We've gotten the first 'act' as it were out of the way with our discovery of this planet and its weird bug possibly-people. (Spoiler: they are people.) So, here's the main plot threads we're going to be dealing with next.

1) Science stuff on the planet. This would involve study of the local ecology and geology, especially investigating the bugs and whatever is underground that makes them so weird. This feels like it would most heavily involve Cooper, and probably with Vex along for when actual bears do show up. It might also be a good chance for Bren to get some away team time. This doesn't have to be all together as there's a couple things going on down there.

2) On the ship, there's decoding the language. This will probably involve technology to help better detect the signals plus cultural expertise to help program the translator. It also needs to be able to transmit back and be miniaturized to something an away team can use. This feels like engineering, ops, and probably the counselor.

3) Speaking of the ship, the tech teams will also soon need to deal with some bug issues of their own. You know how bug zappers have big glowing blue things? Do you know what our ship also has?

4) Interpersonal shenanigans as you see fit.

I can send out some more details as needed here or on discord, and you can always include my NPCs or the XO and his in JPs. I'll also be updating the wiki to include some descriptions of the aliens.

Thanks for great posting so far this month!

» September Update

Posted on Thu Sep 2, 2021 @ 2:35am by Captain Jason Faulkner in General News

Hey everyone, here's some quick housekeeping for September. First, please join me in welcoming our new Operations officer, Eddie Vasquez, who just joined us a couple days ago. Second, Dr. Narud will be LOA while moving for at least the next couple weeks and may have spotty connectivity for a while after. If you have a pressing need for medical stuff, please touch base with me or the XO, or consider a visit to the counselor instead.

Finally, thanks to everyone for getting us over the finish line with posting last month. We more or less hit our target of an average of two per player. Let's keep it up! Please feel free to ask me here or on Discord if you need any ideas for what to do. Once the current bridge and away team posts are finished I expect things will open up some more.

» Welcome to Counselor Dessa McCallum

Posted on Mon Jul 26, 2021 @ 3:16am by Captain Jason Faulkner in General News

All, we now have a counselor again! Please join me in welcoming Dessa McCallum.

» May Update

Posted on Sun May 9, 2021 @ 3:04am by Captain Jason Faulkner in General News

Sorry about the delayed monthly update, I got my second vaccine mid-week and it hit me pretty hard. April was a great month for us! I think this has been a record number of posts since the first couple of months. Big thanks to everyone. I've opened up our second mission, entitled "Cicada Summer". It's going to involve us exploring a planet with giant bugs... FROM BEYOND SPACE. I'll be getting some opening posts going shortly but by all means please continue any interpersonal posts for the coda or for this episode.

» March 2021 TF56 Simm of the Month

Posted on Mon Apr 12, 2021 @ 2:44am by Captain Jason Faulkner in General News

Everyone, I am thrilled to announce that we got two awards for March! The first was a taskforce wide one, as every simm including us managed to get over 1 post per person! However, we've been singled out as the Task Force Simm of the Month! I'm really proud of this achievement and hope you all are too. Let's keep up the good work!

Latest Mission Posts

» A Learning Experience

Mission: Episode 2: Cicada Summer
Posted on Sun Oct 17, 2021 @ 4:54pm by Lieutenant JG Jayden Bren & Captain Jason Faulkner

Sitting in his office and reviewing the scientific data they'd gathered so far, Jason considered how best to organize further investigation into the planet's mysteries. There was a lot to do and while they had plenty of people who might be qualified to do it, organizing that could be both…

» Subtle Differences

Mission: Episode 2: Cicada Summer
Posted on Thu Oct 7, 2021 @ 2:11am by Lieutenant Vex Dawnrider & Ensign Emily Rose

"Giant bugs, huh?" Emily asked. She took another swig of her brandy before looking at Vex. "I mean we didn't have giant bugs but we did find a bunch of weird energy emissions."

"They were a sight to be hold, that's for sure," Vex said. "I think the good doctor…

» Back In Engineering

Mission: Episode 2: Cicada Summer
Posted on Wed Sep 29, 2021 @ 3:00am by Lieutenant Niobe Barton

Although Niobe was the first to admit that venturing off the ship could prove interesting, the first two times she had done it on the Omaha, well she almost wished she hadn’t. The blue goo was interesting, when it wasn’t trying to eat her atom by atom but the massive…

» Conversing

Mission: Episode 2: Cicada Summer
Posted on Tue Sep 28, 2021 @ 2:30am by Lieutenant JG Khylin Cooper

Khylin stepped back out onto the bridge, trying to contain his excitement. Though they had managed to gather some information, that pales in comparison to what they didn’t know about the inhabitants of the planet. That, coupled with the information that the crew had been able to get from orbit,…

» Favors, Prayers, and Transgessions (Part I)

Mission: Episode 2: Cicada Summer
Posted on Tue Sep 21, 2021 @ 8:32pm by Lieutenant Commander Briar Tovan

Briar stepped into his office and slid into his chair. He left the bridge in the care of the consulor while he attended to the priority call from Rear Admiral Thomas Landry. It had been years since Briar had talked to the admiral and thier last conversation had not been…