USS Omaha


The Basics

This simulation is a fun and welcoming environment for everyone. To keep it that way, all players must treat each other with respect. Even if you disagree with someone else, it is possible to express that in a polite manner.

This simm, and Pegasus Fleet in general, does not allow discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or age. Any form of harassment, abuse, or threats is grounds for removal from the simm or referral to the Pegasus Fleet admiralty for further action.

Please be sure to keep in-character and out-of-character disagreements separate. It's okay for things to get heated between characters! Just remember that the character is not the player. If things start to spill over, take a step back and hit the pause button to work things out, or ask the command staff for mediation. Also, remember that you can only control your own character, and not to write in a way that dictates how other characters think or act. This also applied to mixing out-of-character and in-character knowledge.

Members are required to post regularly. For length requirements and formatting guidelines, see the Posting Guide section of the wiki.

As a part of Pegasus Fleet, this game and its members operate under the Pegasus Fleet rules. Please be sure to check those out here: Pegasus Fleet Documents.

Feel free to contact the command staff about any trouble you may be having on the simm. We will do whatever we can to find a solution. If your conflict is with the CO, you can also contact the Pegasus Fleet admiralty for mediation.

We want every player to succeed. As such, we will do our best to help you comply with the rules. However, repeated or especially egregious violations, or extended failure to post, will result in removal from the game.

Content Rating

This simulation is meant to reflect the type of content shown in the Star Trek series and movies, including Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard. You should avoid explicit and detailed depictions of violence or sexual acts.

Obviously, it can be hard to define exactly what constitutes "described in detail" when you're not dealing with images. If you're doing a blow-by-blow description of what's going where, you're probably going too far. When in doubt, ask the CO for guidance.

Pegasus Fleet uses the RPGrating system. We are 18+ and rated:

  • Swearing and mature language is permitted.

  • Sexual content is permitted, with some limitations.

  • Graphic violence is permitted.


All posts and character information belong to their writers. However, the game operator reserves the right to retain any jointly written posts even if the player later leaves. No infringement on the rights of Star Trek's owners is intended.