USS Omaha
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November Update

Posted on Mon Nov 9, 2020 @ 4:23am by Captain Jason Faulkner

First off, thanks to everyone for posting more in October! Our numbers were much better this month. In fact, we received the Task Force Simm of the Month award for high posting! Congratulations to everyone!

Second, as you've all seen I've started a big briefing JP. I'm going to hand out some in-character group assignments for different parts of the plot. The basic outline will be:

Science, medical, flight control - retrieve sample of dangerous blue goop using shuttle/runabout, analyse for weaknesses
Engineering, more science - figure out the connection between the pyramid being damaged and this appearing. Fix pyramid or find other solution to stop good
Security, XO, counselor, possibly flight control as well - evacuate nearby town before blue good eats them all.

Obviously with NPCs mixed around as needed and to make sure everyone can participate. If something about this doesn't sound appealing, let me know and I can change stuff around.

Thanks again for posting! If you can wrap up existing JPs as well, that'd be great.


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