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April Update

Posted on Thu Apr 1, 2021 @ 3:08am by Captain Jason Faulkner

Congratulations to you all for an amazing March! We hit 2 posts per person, well ahead of the goal our task force commander set of everyone in the TF getting one post in. We also wrapped up our first mission. Great work!

First, some housekeeping. Our counselor, Gairon, has departed in order to focus more on his own teen superhero game. We wish him good luck with it. I'll be sending out recruitment ads to draw in some more folks. I'm particularly looking for Operations and a dual counselor and diplomatic officer.

For April, we're going to be doing an epilogue for mission one. I've started up a new mission for that to keep things more easily organized. It'll stay up for a couple months so people can backfill as needed. In-character, there will be about a month between the end of Mission 1 and the start of Mission 2, with about a week of that spent still in orbit over Derecho. I'd love it if everyone could get at least one post in, either on their own or as a JP, focusing on the aftermath of our mission. Things might include:

- Comparing this to previous missions.
- Getting some R&R in.
- Repairs to the ship, particularly shuttles and transporter systems.
- Studying a sample of our mystery goo.

You can also put in some 'flashback' posts from before you joined the crew to do some character development.

Going forward, I'm working on an outline for Mission 2. I've got a couple ideas drawn from some campaign books but I'd welcome any input you have, particularly for subplots. I'm currently leaning toward a story where we provide support for a diplomatic conference, dealing with some attempted assassinations, spies, and related drama.  If that sounds fun, great! If not, I'd also like to know that so I can tweak things.

Finally, I've decided that I want to start giving out awards to recognize good posts. Some of this are official Pegasus Fleet ones, like the following that I've issued for March. I also want to come up with some unofficial achievements.

March awards:

Six-month service awards and Mission One Tour of Duty badges for everyone!
One-year service awards for: Briar Tovan, Niobe Barton, Vex Dawnrider, Khylin Cooper, and Jason Faulkner.
Treknobabble awards for: Amon Narud, Niobe Barton, and Khylin Cooper for posts during Mission One.

Thanks again and let's have a great April.


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