USS Omaha
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September Update

Posted on Thu Sep 2, 2021 @ 2:35am by Captain Jason Faulkner

Hey everyone, here's some quick housekeeping for September. First, please join me in welcoming our new Operations officer, Eddie Vasquez, who just joined us a couple days ago. Second, Dr. Narud will be LOA while moving for at least the next couple weeks and may have spotty connectivity for a while after. If you have a pressing need for medical stuff, please touch base with me or the XO, or consider a visit to the counselor instead.

Finally, thanks to everyone for getting us over the finish line with posting last month. We more or less hit our target of an average of two per player. Let's keep it up! Please feel free to ask me here or on Discord if you need any ideas for what to do. Once the current bridge and away team posts are finished I expect things will open up some more.


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