USS Omaha
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Middle of September Update

Posted on Sun Sep 19, 2021 @ 9:23pm by Captain Jason Faulkner

Hey all,

Here's a quick update as to where things stand with the current mission. We've gotten the first 'act' as it were out of the way with our discovery of this planet and its weird bug possibly-people. (Spoiler: they are people.) So, here's the main plot threads we're going to be dealing with next.

1) Science stuff on the planet. This would involve study of the local ecology and geology, especially investigating the bugs and whatever is underground that makes them so weird. This feels like it would most heavily involve Cooper, and probably with Vex along for when actual bears do show up. It might also be a good chance for Bren to get some away team time. This doesn't have to be all together as there's a couple things going on down there.

2) On the ship, there's decoding the language. This will probably involve technology to help better detect the signals plus cultural expertise to help program the translator. It also needs to be able to transmit back and be miniaturized to something an away team can use. This feels like engineering, ops, and probably the counselor.

3) Speaking of the ship, the tech teams will also soon need to deal with some bug issues of their own. You know how bug zappers have big glowing blue things? Do you know what our ship also has?

4) Interpersonal shenanigans as you see fit.

I can send out some more details as needed here or on discord, and you can always include my NPCs or the XO and his in JPs. I'll also be updating the wiki to include some descriptions of the aliens.

Thanks for great posting so far this month!


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