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Captain Jason Faulkner

Name Jason Nathaniel Faulkner

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36
Quarters Location Deck 2, Aft

Physical Appearance

Height 186 cm
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Jason is tall and thickly built. Despite his age he still has a boyish face, something he's tried to cover recently with a beard. He thinks it's working.


Spouse(s) / Romantic Partner Rayland Pierce
Parents Julia Faulkner (mother)
Henry Rainer (father)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jason is a bit erudite and bookish by nature, but the events of the past few years have hardened him somewhat. As he increasingly took a command role, he had to learn to act quickly and decisively even when there wasn't much information to work with. His previous preference to take his time and work problems has taken a hit; better to make an incorrect decision quickly than not make one at all from waiting too long. He's also been described as a bit feral; get him worked up and it's hard to tell if he's excited in a friendly or murderous way.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Walking Encyclopedia
+ Friends In High Places
+ Polyglot
+ Expert duelist

- Cocky
- Stubborn
- Come at me, bro
Ambitions Well, he's made it to captain. He'll need to make some grand discoveries, negotiate a few treaties, explore strange new worlds.
Hobbies & Interests Reading literature.
Miniature wargaming.
Studying history.
Values Ask what the cost is, and who pays it.
Perfect in the enemy of good.
If violence isn't your last resort, you're not using enough.
Face the facts, then act on them.
Reach Heaven Through Violence


Personal History Jason is a prototypical service brat, first in Starfleet and later the Federation Diplomatic Service. He was born and spent the first several years of his life aboard the Ambassador-class USS Omaha, where his mother was the senior diplomatic advisor and his father an anthropologist. As such they were constantly on the move. Later his mother left Starfleet in a lateral transfer to be a senior attache at the newly reestablished Federation embassy on Romulus. It was an odd childhood, simultaneously cramped and expansive. The number of peers he had on the ship and in the embassy community was small; at the same time, he grew up visiting dozens of worlds and mingling with the rarified heights of the Imperial Senate. From an early age he demonstrated a talent for languages and a voracious appetite for foreign literature and history.

Jason debated what career path to take, although public service was always a goal. Starfleet eventually won out, as it seemed like a good way to get a view 'from the ground' before moving up to other possibilities. At the academy he majored in foreign policy and largely focused on law, anthropology, and trade. He was also pretty handy with a phaser and was a member of the fencing club, although the less said about his medical knowledge or piloting the better.

His initial assignment was as a communications specialist on the USS Seleya, a Nebula-class starship. While his technical skills were average at best, his wide knowledge of other cultures made him a perfect choice for managing interactions with alien vessels and worlds. It was about as average as exploration went: strange new worlds, civilizations, and so forth. The less said about the transporter incident, the better.

Jason's career took a detour following the destruction of Romulus. When the approaching disaster became evident, many officers with experience related to the star empire were pulled together as part of the response force. He started off in primarily a staff role, providing the leaders of the task force and individual ships with cultural advice, but soon began to take a direct role in managing interaction with Romulan refugees. Once the evacuation itself was shut down, he remained detailed to a crisis response group for the region. While mainly a desk job, at one point he found himself roped into a commando raid on the base of a renegade Klingon house raiding an uncontrolled region of former Romulan space. His part of the mission involved providing translation assistance and infowar expertise, as well as stopping a bat'leth with his guts. He would later be promoted to lead a team of support staff and field operatives.

(The real intelligence gathered was the friendships he made along the way.)

After a few years, Jason was promoted to full commander and assigned as first officer to the USS Carthage, a Sovereign-class starship. The new role took some adjusting. Not only was he back aboard a ship doing exploration work, but it was much less hands-on than before. As XO he needed to focus more on managing departments and personnel than doing his own research, although as was typical with many science ships his CO encouraged him to keep his hand in. He also had to learn more about space tactics and ship handling. While he still wasn't anywhere near a Conn expert, or an engineer for that matter, he learned enough to supervise those specialists.

A high point of Jason's time on the Carthage was making first contact with a newly warp-capable species. He lead the team analysing the world's culture based on intercepted radio transmissions and helped devise a way to connect to the planetary data network undetected. Once that was done, he formulated a plan for how they should introduce themselves, in this case making an open and noisy approach at sublight from the outer system. While the captain naturally took the lead in most negotiations with the government, Jason himself ended up doing the rounds on local news media.

When Carthage returned to spacedock for a refit several years later, Starfleet dangled an offer in front of him: command of a starship. It was an older one - launched the same year he was born, in fact - but still large enough to expect some challenging assignments on the frontier.

Service Record Command Track, Starfleet Academy (2376-2379)
Communications Specialist, USS Seleya (2379-2383) - Ensign, Lt. JG
Cultural Affairs Staff Officer, Romulus Evacuation Task Force (2383-2385) - Lieutenant
Information Operations Officer, Crisis Response Group Northern Theater (2385-2387) - Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander
Team Leader, Crisis Response Group Northern Theater (2387-2389) - Lieutenant Commander
Executive Officer, USS Carthage (2390-2393) - Commander
Commanding Officer, USS Omaha (2394)