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Ensign Theo Ayar

Name Theo Ayar

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 22
Quarters Location Deck 22, Port Side

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Black
Physical Description Theo is a tall, heavily built man with dusky skin. He has the characteristic nose ridges of a Bajoran.


Parents Ayar Serys (mother)
Koy Tevas (father)
Siblings Dr. Sylvia Ayar (older sister)
Ayar Edon (younger brother)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Theo is not the smartest person in Starfleet, but he makes do through a combination of bull-headed determination and the power of friendship.
Ambitions Make it to junior lieutenant.


Personal History Theo Ayar (he generally uses given name-surnam order professionally) was born and raised in Tycho City, Luna. His grandparents were refugees from Bajor who arrived early during the Occupation, and his own parents were too young to remember living anywhere except the Federation, although they clung to their culture. Theo himself is named for a family friend, Mattheo Espera, who hosted his maternal grandparents' family when they first arrived on Luna.

Like many second-generation immigrants, Theo sometimes struggles with his ties to both his birth home and his cultural origins. He was born just after the Occupation ended, but Bajor remained an unstable and often struggling planet for many years after, and by the time it joined the Federation he had spent his entire life on Luna and his parents were too well-established to consider moving while their children were still in school. He had only visited Bajor once by the time he was an adult, when his paternal grandparents relocated back to their home province. In many ways, if it weren't for the nose and the earring he sometimes wears, he would blend right in with the rest of his dome city's inhabitants.

After graduating secondary school, Theo joined Starfleet, narrowly managing to get past the entrance exams for the Academy. He wanted the opportunity to travel, and to pay Starfleet and the Federation back for the aid given to his family and Bajor. His main academic focus was on engineering, and he did especially well on the practical portions, although many of the theoretical and math courses beat him around the head. He also excelled at piloting, as well as planning and management. He was captain of the academy soccer team during his senior year. He graduated in the lowest quintile of his class, dragged down by his arch-enemies quantum mechanics and temporal physics, but was satisfied regardless. In his view, someone had to be statistically in that range, and even the last-ranked person was still a graduate of Starfleet Academy.

USS Omaha is Theo's first permanent posting outside of the Academy.
Service Record 2389-2394 - Starfleet Academy, Engineering Track
2394 - USS Omaha, Power Systems Officer (Ensign)