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Lieutenant Khylin Cooper

Name Khylin Jeffery Cooper

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 200
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Athletic build, with a birthmark over his right eye.


Spouse(s) / Romantic Partner NA
Parents Martin Cooper (Father)
Jennifer Cooper (Mother)
Siblings Maddie: Sister
Jason: Brother (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Khylin is intensely curious about most things. He has a bit of a wild streak in him and more often than not, leaps before he looks. Khylin is loyal to a fault and often wears his heart on his sleeve. Despite this, he often has problems building lasting relationships.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Loyal
+Quick Thinker
+Creative Problem Solver

-Wears his heart on his sleeve
-Somewhat obessive
-Harsh Self Critic
Ambitions Maybe command of his own some day; being the best officer that he can be.
Hobbies & Interests Khylin enjoys several physical pursuits; including archery, krav maga, and swimming. He also enjoys recreating ancient earth airplanes. Khylin also has an interest in cooking.
Values "Everything is theoretically impossible, until its done."
"The important thing is to never stop questioning."
"Failure is always an option."


Personal History Khylin was born in Chicago, on Earth. His father was a lawyer and his mother a doctor. He is the oldest of three siblings, something he did not find out until just after his 26 birthday. Khylin ’s childhood was challenging, always fighting for attention from his parents. He was a decent student, although somewhat academically lower than his sister, Maddie. As a young boy, Khylin did his best to try and impress his parents, whom he was desperate for a relationship for.

This resulted in Khylin throwing himself into everything that he did. He took up archery at the age of eight as well as the study of Krav Maga. Khylin was also intensely curious about how things worked and would often take things apart to figure out exactly how they worked, much to the dismay of his parents. Despite Khylin ’s success with his endeavors, his relationship with his parents remained strained. When he was a teenager, this resulted in Khylin acting out on several occasions, including drinking the night before a tryout for the Olympic archery team at the age of 15.

This did nothing to redeem him in the eyes of his parents. Realizing there was probably nothing he could do to make them proud, Khylin instead focused on getting himself through high school. While a junior in high school, he became obsessed with the idea of being a fighter pilot. Originally, he thought he was going to go into that line of work, however all that changed when he graduated highschool.

Khylin wanted to be as far away from his parents as he could be, resulting in him applying for the academy. When he accepted, he left home without even saying goodbye, something that still haunts him to this day (although he would never admit it) He continued to maintain a somewhat distant but pleasant relationship with his sister throughout his time at the academy.
Service Record Khylin graduated near the top of his class and was transferred to the USS Iowa, an older Norway class vessel as his first assignment. Although the ship wasn’t as state of the art as the ones that his classmates were on. Khylin loved the older ship and enjoyed tinkering with the systems. He was able to increase shield resilience by almost 12% while onboard. He showed an aptitude for organizing and utilizing the ship’s key systems. He was instrumental in reformatting the main computer core of Iowa and helping increase its efficiency by 20%.

While onboard the Iowa, he dated, although failed to build any meaningful relationships, platonic or romantic. He was promoted to Assistant Chief Science officer after being aboard the ship for two years. When the ship was patrolling along the outer edge of Federation space, they were attacked by Tholian extremists, resulting in heavy damage to the ship.

Using the ship's shield emitters and deflector, Khylin was able to create a massive feedback pulse that destroyed the Tholian ships, however it resulted in frying nearly every EPS relay on the ship. Khylin was hurt in the process, breaking his leg. They were rescued a few days later but the Iowa was a total loss. After recovering, Khylin was assigned to the Omaha as the new chief science officer.