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Lieutenant JG Jayden Bren

Name Jayden Bren

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill (Unjoined)
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 200 Lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Standing at six foot two inches, Jayden is slightly taller than the average Trill. He keeps his dark brown hair trimmed close, often with an accent cut along his left temple. Jayden has the normal Trillian spots starting just above his hairline and working their way down his body. Jaydens appearance is important to him so he has maintained an athletic build from an early age.


Spouse(s) / Romantic Partner None
Children None
Parents Father: Jorin Bren
Mother: Lieutenant Neema Bren (Deceased)
Siblings None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jayden grew up a star athlete and, as such, is used to being in the spotlight. While he tries to be humble, he can often times come across as full of himself and arrogant. His mothers death during the Dominion War sent his father into a depression, which Jayden tried to ease by being the best at everything he tried his hand at. While he excelled at physical activity and always brought home trophies, Jayden was never quite the best academically speaking. His history and personality helped pave his way as a “hot shot pilot” in the eyes of his childhood friends.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jayden is both naturally physically gifted and emotionally driven. This has lead to him being cocky in certain situations. While Jayden was only five years old when his mother was killed and thus didn’t in and of itself cause him distress, her absence as well as his fathers depression certainly left a lasting impression on his personality.
Hobbies & Interests Jayden ran track and played various “ball” games while growing up and continues to play as his time allows. His sophmore year of secondary school he took a pilot coarse as an elective and took strongly to it, making it one of the few courses he easily passed.


Personal History Jayden was born on in 2370 on the USS Valley Forge approximately three years before the start of the Dominion War. His mother was stationed on the Excelsior-class vessel as an engineering officer. In late 2373, as Starfleet began seeing war as inevitable, families were removed from most Starfleet vessels, which included Jayden and his father, who relocated back to the Trill system to wait out the war.

The war did not go as everyone expected though, with constant losses and Starfleet always falling back. Jaydens father was able to hide much of it from the four year old boy but in late 2374 the USS Valley Forge was heavily damaged during the first battle of Chin’toka. Having taken heavy damage from the Cardassian Defense Platforms, the Valley Forge was in rough shape already when the USS Geronimo crashed into the starboard nacelle sending explosions throughout the engineering section, killing Jaydens mother.

Jaydens father received word three days later. Several weeks later Jayden attended his mothers funeral, though he did not fully understand what was happening. Though he stayed strong through the funeral, Jaydens father fell into a deep depression shortly after. Wanting to try to protect his young son from his illness, Jaydens father enrolled him in several after school sports programs. Jayden was old enough to know that something was wrong and even though he didn’t fully understand, he hoped that succeeding in what his father had pushed him into would help his father feel better. It was during this time that Jaydens natural athletic ability became apparent, though it was never enough to pull his father out of his depression.

Several years later, Jayden had developed into a star athlete and had made a name for himself both on Trill and in the larger sports community. He was a medal-winning distance runner, the starting quarterback for the top high school team in new-age football, top competitor in the Trill Parrises Squares minors league, and became rather adept at water polo as well. All this had started with a young boy wanting to make his father happy again. At the age of fifteen though, Jayden was well aware that nothing he did would be able to help his fathers depression which, despite over a decade of treatment, had been unable to be cured. It was at the beginning of his sophmore year in school that Jayden signed up for an elective piloting course through the local Starfleet office. Like many of the sports he tried, Jayden found he was a natural at piloting shuttles but he took a particular interest in the fighters because of the adrenaline rush he’d get out of them. His instructor, recognizing the talent, took him to the side towards the end of the course to talk to him about Starfleet. While Jayden had performed wonderfully in the piloting course, his other grades would have to get a boost before he’d be allowed into starfleet academy.

Jayden worked hard over the next year and, while maintaining his presence on the football field, dove deep into his studies. By his junior year, Jayden had bumped his grades to acceptable levels for starfleet and was ready to push himself even further. With his grades up to par for Starfleet, Jayden decided he wanted to try shooting for another star of Trill society; being joined.

Since the mid-2370’s the Trill Symbiosis Commission had gone through many changes. With the revelation of how many Trill are physically able to be joined, the commission was forced to make changes to how it accepts and screens applicants. As a senior in High School, Jayden was on the young side for joining but was admitted to the program due to his excellent athletic performance and his surprisingly high entrance exam score.

With the time commitments of both completing secondary school and working his way through the initiate program, Jayden left sports all together for the first time since his mothers passing. All through his first year of the program, Jayden was able to perform above expectations in the more physical aspects while being able to hold his own in the more mental portions. After graduating from secondary school though, Jayden was faced with a choice. He could continue head on in the initiate program or he could pursue his plans to enter Starfleet and take his chances with the remote initiate program.

With Trill in the rear viewport, Jayden was nervous, excited, anxious, and determined. The whole reason he grew up without his mother was that she was in Starfleet, but he knew his best shot at becoming an ace pilot was with them. He knew that successfully passing the remote initiate program was ten times harder than passing the normal one, but he knew he would do it.

Jaydens first year at the academy was fairly uneventful. He passed navigation and physical fitness with no problem and with a little help from his roommate was able to make it through xenobiology and warp theory. Having completed the remote initiate program as well, Jayden waited patiently to hear on the final decision of the commission. It wasn’t the news he had hoped for. While he had passed all the tests, passed the evaluations, and even passed his field docent, the evaluation committee did not feel he was right for joining at the time. Although he was disappointed by the commissions decision, Jayden used the additional time to his advantage to take extra courses and spend time in the flight trainers and was quickly made part of Nova Squadron as a result.

The rest of Jaydens time at the academy flew by for him. He eventually took the lead role on Nova Squadron and ran it for two years. His senior year was, perhaps, the most tumultuous of his time at the academy as he found himself stuck between two classmates who wanted more and his desire to get the best piloting position out of graduation. While both classmates had been good friends, the resulting bitterness between them caused a falling out that Jayden hopes to mend someday.

Upon graduating from the academy, Jayden was posted to the USS Venture, which had been retrofitted during the Dominion War to serve as a fighter carrier, as one of its fighter pilots and back-up helmsmen. After several months aboard the Venture, Jayden was ordered to chase down a group of Bynar cyberneticists who had refused to turn over their now outlawed research. The Venture, having tracked them down to an asteroid field, launched its fighters in order to better navigate the asteroids. Jayden was able to locate a remnant of their ion trail and figure out where they were headed. Having made visual contact with the Bynars who refused to stand down, Jaydens captain ordered him to destroy the vessel because there were likely deadly synths on board that could not be allowed to escape. Jayden activated his weapons systems and got a target lock, and went to pull the trigger but found himself unable to do as ordered. He pulled his fighter to the right just as the phasers fired, causing the targeting to be off just enough to slow down the Bynar vessel to the point that the Venture could catch up to it. While he knew he did the right thing, Jayden knew that he had disobeyed a direct order from his captain and would be lucky to see a pilots chair again.

A year later, after an extremely thorough and fairly one-sided investigation, Jayden was given his pilots wings back with strong words of warning from the disciplinary council. While he would be allowed to continue flying, he would be getting reassigned to a vessel not quite as on the front lines as the Venture, and would be nowhere near fighters for the forseeable future.
Service Record 4388-4392: Starfleet Academy; Piloting and Navigation, Fighter School
4392-4393: USS Venture; Fighter Pilot, Helmsmen
4393-4394: Suspension pending disciplinary hearing
4394-Present: USS Omaha; Chief Flight Control Officer