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Lieutenant Amon Narud

Name Amon Narud

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Valtese/Kriosian
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 9”
Weight 115lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Homochromatic; Right: Blue, Left: Green
Physical Description All Valtese/Kriosian have spots on both sides of their face, neck and they travel down on either side of their spine, the spots continue over their buttocks and the inside of both legs, a mutation that might be linked to the Empathic Metamorph mutation. The spots can be very dark to just visible from several meters away. Otherwise physically similar to humans. His homochromatic eyes may be a side effect mutation as well like his spots not actually ending at the spine.

Amon is an average fit male. His hair though wasn't black originally, he dyes his own hair but sometimes he misses very small bits which allow his original hair colour of white. Something of an extra mutation.
A collection of spots on his neck could be seen as forming the shape similar to the Terran symbol of a love heart. It doesn't really mean anything on Krios Prime or Valt.

He has the mark of the Empathic Metamorph, an “EM”, painted onto his neck upon reaching 16. Before that day, he was dressed in commoner greys that signify EM status.


Parents Father: Dural Narud, from Krios Prime, a freighter captain. He runs cargo between Krios Prime and Valt but has done deals with both Federation and Klingon worlds.
Mother: Mariel Narud, from Valt Minor. She is a teacher.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Empathic Metamorphs as common as it is amongst males, it is something taken very seriously for during finiis'ral the metamorph will completely empathically imprint on the closest person. Essentially becoming emotionally that person’s perfect mate. It changes all the metamorph’s personality to submit their mate’s dominant emotions.

Amon has not imprinted yet, he isolated himself during his first finiis'ral and with no one to imprint on his empathic senses often feel like it is acting on its own accord. The receptors expand and his senses reach further out every following time his finiis'ral triggers annually, on his birthday. Sometimes if he is not on guard it can trigger upon picking up on very powerful emotions from someone in the same room.

His fear of imprinting immediately on someone he doesn’t know or has bad intentions towards others fuels his drive in pursuit of all the distractions he can fill his mind with. He ironically has found that he began to help people with their emotional issues and enjoyed the validation it gave him for their success. Though while not in finiis'ral his empathic senses are less sensitive than a half Betazoid he can still pick up on emotions as they occur but that’s where his senses end until another emotion starts.

He sometimes talks to himself out loud, it throws people off in social situations and distracts himself from focusing too much on emotional pings, as he has come to label them as, from those around him. It could be random sounds as well. Amon likes to review all he has learned, reading a lot about medical mental topics and the sciences. He has yet to find a non-fictional topic he dislikes.


Valtese/Kriosian. While slightly different in slang terminologies to each other, Kriosian has Klingon influences and Valtese has Federation. Amon knows Klingon as he is born on Krios Prime though nowadays the two peoples are united again, however Krios Prime is in Klingon territory while Valt Minor is in Federation space. Though both powers have agreed that Kriosian and Valtese vessels can pass freely over the border. Both languages are part of the Universal Translator program.
Strengths & Weaknesses Easily distracted by the unknown, well to him anyway. Amon conversely can lose himself in his research and duties if not part of a close team.

His imprinting fear does sometimes stop him from regular small social gatherings and large crowds for the intimacy and sheer number of emotions respectively.

Amon’s social queues are a little off in regards to himself, it is to do with the imprinting as he changes to suit whoever he imprints on. He does know that simply interacting with someone, while not in finiis’ral, doesn’t immediately mean he has imprinted on them but like most fears, they are irrational but powerful. He also understands this as well though later in life.

His dedication to helping others, emotionally, has helped him gain friends that he still contacts regularly, but his thirst for knowledge, sometimes being nosy, has been a double edged sword with keeping friendships once he got them started.
Ambitions While he seeks to find someone that he wants to fall in love with for eventually he will have to imprint on someone or the finiis’ral will continue to cycle. His fear has kind of kept him from considering longer career options and paths but joining Starfleet had been that one ambition that gave him ways of focusing his fear into productive energy. He has had at a few times thought about the future but once he imprints his ambitions and desires will become secondary to his mate. The curse of being an Empathic Metamorph, many unimprinted males have labeled it that.
Hobbies & Interests Reading and conducting research mostly but he does enjoy a few puzzle and jigsaw games from various worlds in the Federation. Amon knows it would be pointless to seek his own interests and hobbies as once he imprints on someone he will share his mate’s pastimes.
Values Amon values his emotional independence and those of who has the desire to help. He envies other species for not having the biological imperative to emotionally submit to another's needs and it has bred a little resentment along with jealousy. Though he understands this is irrational for it is how it is for his species. Accepting it is something he is having difficulty with but one day should he find someone worthy of his biological unconditional commitment he will gladly give up his freedom.


Personal History Born to commoners Dural and Mariel Narud in 2359, Amon’s childhood was rather exciting as he spent most of his teen years helping run his father’s freighter. They made trips to and from Krios Prime, Valt Minor, K-7, Archannis, Cursa, Qu’Vat, and Donatu to name a few.

Upon his 10th birthday Amon began to experience others’ emotions and it kind of scared him but did his best not to give it away to his parents. Though soft compared to a Betazoid hybrid’s empathic strength at age 10, it continued to grow as he grew as well.

Amon let it slip during his 15th year that he felt what his parents could feel at a family dinner and his parents registered him as an Empathic Metamorph, while on Krios Prime and left him in a training facility for the male metamorphs. It changed his relationship with them as the metamorphs were (well male ones anyway) treated as second class commoners as they adapted to others’ needs at the final stage of sexual maturation called Finiis’ral.

It was not something Amon was looking forward to and males reach Finiis’ral faster then female metamorphs, and they only are born about every 7 generations. His first sexual maturation cycle, usually the only one, Amon had run away and isolated himself far from as many people as he could.

He didn’t want to become someone else’s ‘perfect mate’, though at age 16 he didn’t understand that it is something he cannot change or avoid forever. Upon his return to his parents, who had searched for him only half heartedly, he had got in trouble for running away but not for avoiding the imprinting process. It is common that many of the metamorphs rebelled, and felt betrayed by their biology at not being given a choice. At this point he saw that although his parents loved him they treated him differently and was having to take care of himself more often.

Amon had met a few groups during his isolations as the imprinting seemed to not work on other metamorphs. So he made friends among them, every year after turning 16, around the same time as others his age attended meetings in order to beat the finiis’ral until it passed. He was marked by the Authorities on his neck, when his parents left him at the “training facility”, as being an ‘EM’ so others could see what he was like the others he spent time with. They were told this was to protect them but they knew it was simply a way to track and take advantage of them.

At this stage Amon had lost his parents’ public support and out on his mostly, though he was quite sure they still loved him for he’d continued to get a good amount of credits. Though it went through several channels to make sure it was untraceable, this allowed him to apply for courses in the various science fields and a few medical ones. Soon his desire to help others as was an Empathic Metamorphs’ urges manifested, he sought to help others with their emotional issues. An impromptu counselor of sorts to those on Krios Prime underworld, it helped prove a medium for his fear.

He was accepted into all the courses he wanted and it all seemed exciting. He enjoyed all the knowledge he was learning, he especially wanted to know the medical details of the maturation process. One night he was being tutored by a not so older male teacher about various troubles Amon was having with psychology when he began to feel and morph to suit the teacher’s emotional needs. At first the teacher was explaining things and suddenly Amon was out of control.

Quickly the teacher managed to immobilise the teen and shake Amon from the finiis’ral as it appeared to have triggered. Amon snapped out of it and while the teacher was a kind, gentle and attractive soul, Amon’s sheer fear of forced imprinting managed to block sensing emotions. He began to cry at feeling helpless against his own mutated biology. The teacher talked the teen to a calm state and explained that while he was already in a relationship that a Metamorph would allow himself to be put at his emotional needs was an honour.

Not all Kriosians and Valtese considered Empathic Metamorphs as a lower class and it gave Amon hope, though he quickly thanked the teacher and left to isolate with the other EMs as he knew there’d be a number every day at their sanctuary. That near indoctrination to, albeit an acceptable person, almost cost him his freedom and it awakened a sense of dread. It was far more powerful than his initial fear. It wasn’t unheard of for male metamorphs to imprint onto other males as the biological desire to please others wasn’t programmed to target only the opposite gender exclusively.

At this stage, and thanks to that teacher, Amon found that focusing on his education he can fight back the urge to imprint. The desire to help others on the other hand, in his mind, Amon could see as something he could separate from the imprinting, and it seemed to trick his biology long enough to pass through finiis’ral. Though he’d still have to isolate just in case, he could take any risks with his emotional freedom at stake.

After that trial Amon dedicated himself to the pursuit of knowledge and exploration as his courses at the “training facility” and other institutions in order to learn all forms of biological, psychological and astrological studies.

His studies continued under his focused determination for many years until he turned 21 in 2380, Amon left Krios Prime and travelled to Earth. Starfleet Academy was everything he imagined and more, Amon found that his empathic senses had grown to that just a little more powerful than a Betazoid hybrid having met a few during his orientation. By this time he had a firm hold on his empathic senses which in turn allowed him to have completely bypassed at least 2 finiis’ral cycles, though he had some medical treatments now thanks to his biological studies and help from a commoner clinic. It was crude and took the edge off the urges but they still happened, sometimes making him physically sick as not many knew what would happen if a Metamorph never imprinted. It wasn’t something the medical community on Krios Prime and or Valt Minor really cared about.

At the Academy he elected dual Scientific Research and Advanced Medical training, he did take the basic Counseling course as well, Amon did initially socialise as his medicine allowed it but his almost all early life habit of burying himself in the pursuit of knowledge had impacted negatively on his social life there. He didn’t mind, Amon hoped that once his search for someone he thought worthy paralleled his passion for knowledge would one day come and he could finally accept defeat and imprint.

Starfleet Medical had concerns about his Empathic Metamorph nature interfering with his duties but accepted that with regular injections of that crude medicine he had presented to them allowed him to continue to graduate a few months early. As usual he remained the full 4 years and studied all he could get his hands on. Though during those late months Amon did socialise more, and while not being invasive like he had been before, he helped others by tutoring, giving counsel about a range of things sometimes of a romantic nature, being a class secretary and he helped organise little get-togethers. He saw that he needed to allow for socialising in his life and had to find a balance between his thirst for knowledge and taking a step back to appreciate those around him.

This new outlook on what life should be was a little hard to find that balance as his class was given their first assignments. During his 25th year he was placed on the Starship Victory as primarily a Science Officer with part time Medical duty shifts for when Sickbay needed help, he could assist them. Amon also is a qualified basic counselor but only covered for all Counselors were unavailable and his Science and Medical duties permitted it.

Regardless Amon tended to lose himself in the theory, practical and library of Scientific and Medical knowledge when his Science shifts started. He didn’t plan on outshining any of those around him but it happened during his second year aboard the Victory. The Assistant Chief Science Officer was one of the ego driven male scientists and his feeling of being professionally threatened by Amon triggered the finiis’ral while the two shared a lab.

The incident investigation didn’t go as the Assistant Chief had expected it would and Security found that the Assistant Chief had been discreetly stealing Amon’s personal research projects in the hopes to beat the Kriosian at something. It turned out that he’d actually compromised Amon’s medicines to trigger the imprinting and become a slave to him. Amon had managed to regain control at the last moment as his dread snapped him out of it to find that the Assistant Chief Science Officer and himself in a compromising situation.

A flash of disappointment did cross Amon’s superior as he quickly departed the lab in horror. Starfleet would punish him for assaulting a superior officer and it was the worst kind. Amon knew they’d not take his defense considering he gave Starfleet Medical every confidence that his medicine will not fail to keep his biology in check. Once Amon found out that he was manipulated and nearly again indoctrinated to that egomaniac superior officer, the fear came back.

Though he was cleared of all charges Amon thought it best to transfer somewhere new and he learned to be careful with his professional behaviour as well as personal and so was granted transfer to the Starship Galaxy. There he was made Assistant Chief Science Officer but he refused it for just a regular Science Officer and instead requested Assistant Chief Medical Officer placement which the Executive Officer and Chief Science Officer didn’t know what to make of but granted the request.

During the 7 years on the Galaxy, the Captain granted Amon permission as well as from the Chief Science Officer, managed to find a balance between Medical and Science duty shifts. Though as Assistant Chief Medical Officer did give more to helping the Chief manage the Medical department more. It started around the 4th year he was aboard. After that incident with that egomaniac back on Victory, Amon put more into his duties then social life and one of his side projects was perfecting his inhibitor medicine which was having to become more potent as his finiis’ral urge, well the biology behind it, to imprint began to adapt. This only occurred once a year thankfully, Amon began to dread his birthday as that was when it would be its most powerful.

In 2394, Amon transferred to the Starship Omaha just after his 35th birthday. He’d been in isolation after a Leave of Absence request from the Galaxy. It had been the worst finiis’ral with actual physical pain in a certain area. It seemed that he had to find some other way, maybe genetic manipulation. He had to research it first and so that was his new side project as he boarded the Starship Omaha.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - 2380-84 Sciences, Medical and basic Counseling studies
Starship Victory - 2385-87 Science Officer/PT Medical Officer (Destruction of Romulus in 87)
Starship Galaxy - 2387-93 PT Science Officer/Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Starship Omaha - 2394 - Assistant Chief Medical Officer/PT Science Officer