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Lieutenant JG Eddie Vasquez

Name Eddie Mateo Vasquez

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 155lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Athletic build, usually sports a five o’clock shadow. He has a few tattoos here and there.


Spouse(s) / Romantic Partner Shannon (Ex-Wife)
Children Christopher (8)
Parents Allison
Siblings Austin

Personality & Traits

General Overview Eddie is a born fighter and has struggled through much in his life. He is incredibly loyal to those that he cares about. Eddie still holds some guilt after abandoning his wife and their young son to continue work as a Starfleet Marine. Eddie has a good sense of humor and tries to see the best in people. He can occasionally let his frustration and anger get pent up.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Loyal
+Creative Thinker

-Has problems showing his feelings.
-Anger Issues
-Still holds onto guilt from leaving Christopher as baby
Ambitions To be a good officer and a role model to Christopher, his son.
Hobbies & Interests The center of Eddie’s world is his son, Christopher. Eddie enjoys most physical pursuits. He continues his martial arts training from his time as a Marine. He also enjoys reading, mostly ancient Earth and Klingon stories at the moment.


Personal History Eddie was born to hardworking parents in Austin, Texas. Eddie’s father, Mateo, was a detective, and his mother, Allison a nurse. Eddie is the youngest of two siblings. His parents instilled a work ethic in both he and his brother, although Eddie seemed to take it more seriously than his older brother. Growing up, Eddie played football and took mixed martial arts lessons. He was a decent student, although not as academically gifted as his older brother.

While in high school, Eddie began to clash with his parents, often arguing over what he was supposed to do with his life. His father wanted him to go into law enforcement, while his mother thought that he should pursue a college education. Neither one of those held that much appeal for Eddie. When he graduated high school, Eddie joined the Starfleet Marine Corps, much to the disappointment of both his parents.

Eddie shipped off to basic training and soon found himself loving the structured life of a Marine. He specialized in close quarters and combat and rescue operations. While in the Marine Corps, Eddie was also trained as a paramedic, something else that he took an interest in. While serving aboard Starbase 232, Eddie met and fell in love with a woman named Shannon. Shannon was a civilian scientist. The two had a whirlwind romance and were soon wed six months later. Eddie served for several more years, always coming back to Shannon. Eventually, she became pregnant and gave birth to a son, Christopher.

Sadly, Christopher was born with a rare genetic disorder that affected his ability to walk and some of his cognitive functioning. When Christopher was six months old, Shannon left without warning, leaving Eddie to care for his infant son. Realizing that the Marines may not be the most stable of jobs for a single father, Eddie was honorably discharged and he took up a position on the civilian side of the colony’’s security forces. He also acted as a civilian paramedic.

His parents begged him to send Christopher home to them on Earth where he would be safe. However, Christopher was thriving at Starbase 232. Eventually, Eddie came to realize that he would like to see what the universe had to offer. He moved Christopher back to Earth, although not in with his parents, and started attending Starfleet academy.
Service Record Eddie thrived at the academy, especially in the engineering and operations section. He also continued his piloting training. He made his way through the academy, suffering just a few setbacks in some of his science classes. He also kept up his paramedic certificate and various rescue certifications. He graduated in the middle of his class and was placed aboard the USS Venture, a galaxy class starship. He moved Christopher with him to the ship and the two soon settled into a reliable routine. Once again, his parents fought him on raising Christopher on a starship but his son seemed to thrive in an environment where he was exposed to various cultures.

After serving aboard the USS Venture for a little over a year, he was transferred to the USS Omaha to take up the chief operations officer spot.