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Staff Warrant Officer Rayland Pierce

Name Rayland Pierce

Position Master-at-Arms

Rank Staff Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Black
Physical Description A bit on the tall and skinny side, with a vaguely disreputable air at all times.


Parents April Pierce
Siblings Jeannette Pierce

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ray is smart as a whip and knows it. He's charming and knows that too. Kung-fu, knows that; infosec, ditto. What he doesn't know is when to keep his mouth shut. This has often gotten him into trouble, although he would protest that he's perfectly capable of being quiet when it's mission-relevant and not in service to outdated hierarchical authority structures.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Hacking Wizard
+ Good in a Fight
+ Fanatically Loyal

- Loudmouth
- Problems with Authority
- Kind of Feral
Values Neither an Officer Nor a Gentleman
Speak Your Mind
Always Faithful
There Is No Overkill


Personal History He's just a poor boy from a poor family. Admittedly, in the 24th Century poor means he mostly wore open-source clothing and didn't have a robot to do the weeding for him, but the point is that he's from a hard-scrabble part of Earth full of luddite farmers. It wasn't that great a region even before all those bombs fell on the silos up north, and now the planetary parliament says rad roaches are an endangered species so they can't get rid of the things.

He joined Starfleet straight out of secondary school, ignoring various college recruitment letters in favor of a job that would get him as far from home as possible, as quickly as possible. The enlisted Security track was the easiest way to do that. There were various nudges towards the Academy, but that just made him get more stubborn and get advanced training after his first ship tour. He earned a place with a commando unit, specializing in boarding operations, orbital insertion, and reconnaissance. His training focus was comm-scan and electronic warfare. This was all somewhat theoretical; he'd missed the big war and the Federation was on peaceful terms with almost all of its neighbors. Even the special forces mostly were focused on supporting anti-piracy operations, along with the occasional hostage rescue when some dumb Fleetie got on the bad side of another polity.

Then Romulus blew up.

From the perspective of a grunt, even a highly skilled one, the ensuing mess fit the old adage about mostly waiting. There was a lot of flying around between points of interest and planning stuff, and then short periods of intense violence as they ran around two quadrants putting out fires left by a collapsing empire. By nature Starfleet attempted to do so peacefully; Ray's sort was brought in when that was not possible.

Most prominent was a mission to stop raids by a rogue Klingon house into Romulan territory. Starfleet sent in a commando team to sabotage key defense systems ahead of an attack by a squadron. Ray's portion went badly sideways; his unit got into a firefight while exfiltrating, ironically after having successfully carried out their mission undetected. He ended up stuck in the wilderness with a Starfleet lieutenant, dragging his bleeding ass over hill and under dale while dodging Klingon patrols, until they managed to hijack a civilian transport and rendezvous with a starship. It was the beginning of a beautiful if frustrating relationship.

(The less said about the transporter incident, though, the better. Even if the leather did look pretty good on him.)

Ray has since left the commando community in favor of more traditional shipboard duty. He's practically an old man now, the veteran of many trying campaigns. He also gave in to incessant nagging about his potential and grudgingly became a warrant officer. His current position as the master-at-arms for a starship is one that would amaze and frighten his drill instructors.
Service Record Starfleet Technical Services Academy, Security Branch
Trooper 1st Class, USS T'Plana-Hath
CommTech Specialist, 3rd Raider Regiment
Joint Special Missions Command, Romulan Theater
Information Warfare Sergeant, USS Carthage
Master-at-Arms, USS Omaha