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Lieutenant Commander Briar Tovan

Name Briar Tovan

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El-Aurian
Age 100

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3
Weight 188lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Briar is usually always seen with a five o’clock shadow. He has a compact and athletic build. He usually keeps his hair fairly short, though he has been known to grow it out from time to time.


Spouse(s) / Romantic Partner Elias (Deceased)
Children None
Parents Taharini (Mother)
Adamas (Father)
Siblings None
Other Family Numerous aunts, cousins, and other family members.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Briar is curious, intelligent, and compassionate. He has a rather twisted sense of humor, most likely due to the many years he spent in medicine. Briar is incredibly active and still participates in numerous physical pursuits.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Quick Witted
+Adaptive Thinker

-Can Often become fixated on projects
Ambitions To continue working in Starfleet. Maybe command his own starship one day.
Hobbies & Interests Briar is interested in medicine, ancient cultures, piloting, and several physical pursuits, including martial arts, sharpshooting, and weightlifting. He also enjoys reading and is working on learning Romulan.


Personal History Briar was born on Verona III in 2294 to parents that were both scientists. His father was a specialist in symbiotic plant life, his mother a xenobiologist. The Verona colony was home to a fairly large research station and Briar spent a great deal of time in both his parents labs. Briar was an intensely curious child and at a young age often would take long hikes into the wilderness of Verona III, spending hours studying the biology of the planet.

Briar was also incredibly active, having started studying Klingon Martial arts as early as ten years old. Briar also immersed himself in his studies, taking a particular interest in biology and botany, much to the dismay of his mother. It was during his childhood that Briar also began to display personality traits that would suit him well later in life. He had no time or patience for bullying and spent several weeks in during his sixth and seventh grade years in out of school suspension.

Due to this, his parents eventually pulled him out of school and decided to homeschool him. They also enrolled him in gymnastics and archery in an attempt to curve his more energetic appetites. When he was 13, Briar met several of the first of many off-world travelers that would come to Verona III. Although technically a Federation outpost, it hadn’t received much in the way of Starfleet vessels for many years. That all changed when Taharini developed a genetic technique for cultivating spores that were necessary in creating one of the most universal vaccines in existence.

Briar excelled in his schooling and his newly acquired martial arts skills. After completing his required training for secondary schooling, Briar applied to the Verona III Research College. However, the summer before he was to start, he became enamored with the idea of traveling the stars.

Despite his parent’s wishes, Briar left home at 18 to travel the stars. He returned to Verona III and enrolled in the Research College, taking mostly premed courses before finally deciding to apply for Starfleet Academy. He was accepted and left for Earth to attend Starfleet Medical and the Academy.

While at the academy, Briar joined the gymnastics team as well as the academy debate team. He continued excelling in his studies, though he required more than one tutor in the more practical areas of study. He won several academy championships martial arts, archery, and as a member of the debate team. He specialized in the treatment of exotic diseases and biotechnology, winning an award for a paper that he published about the use of nanites.

He graduated at the top of his class and was assigned to Starbase 112. After only a year there, he was assigned to the USS Cole. While there, he met and started a relationship with a young tactical officer by the name of Elias Cooper. Briar fell in love with Elias soon after their first date and they were married six months later.

Elias was everything that Briar was looking for; adventurous, compassionate, and full of energy. The two were very happy together. During a deployment to the Neutral Zone, they were attacked and the ship boarded. Briar was instrumental in helping to fight off the invading Klingon Raiders, though his husband was wounded in the process. Briar was able to save his husband's life, though he required several months of rehab. Once fully healed, they returned to active duty.

In 2339, while patrolling a section of Federation space that bordered Gorn territory. Responding to a distress call, the ship was attacked by Gorn forces. Heavily damaged the Cole was boarded by the Gorn. Elias was killed in the process and Briar was taken captive. He spent over a month as a prisoner with the Gorn before being rescued by Starfleet.

He resigned his commission and returned to the Verona colony and opened up a private practice. However, that did not last long. Soon, he felt the itch to travel the stars again. He bought a small courier ship, named her the Lady Luck, and began a second career. Briar worked as a private courier for the next 30 years. However, soon he felt the call to be part of a bigger organization again. He rejoined Starfleet in 2377. This time, while at the academy, Briar specialized in intelligence and tactical operations.

He graduated at the top of his class again. His first assignment was aboard the USS Hood as a member of the ships tactical department. He was then transferred to Starbase 74, where he briefly served as the assistant chief of strategic operations. He would soon be reassigned and promoted to chief intelligence officer of Starbase 74. After spending 4 years as the intelligence chief on Starbase 74, he was tapped to be the executive officer on the USS Orlando, an Ambassador class starship.

He served aboard the USS Orlando for two years, until the ship was nearly destroyed in a freak ion storm. He was then re-assigned as the XO of the USS Omaha.
Service Record 2294 - Born
2312 - Graduated Highschool
2315 - Began premed coursework
2317 - Applied to Starfleet Medical and began his MD training.
2325 - Graduated Starfleet Medical and Academy, assigned to Starbase 112 as a member of the medical staff.
2329 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, assigned to the USS Cole.
2339 - After the death of his husband, he resigns from Starfleet and returns to civilian life. Initially returns to Verona III, where he sets up a medical clinic.
2345 - Buys his own fast courier ship and begins working as a freelance courier for the Federation. The ship's name is the Lady Luck.
2345 - 2377: Private Courier, rumor he may have worked for Starfleet Intelligence. During his time as a courier, he taught himself many things about small craft maintenance, piloting, and operations.
2377 - Returns to Starfleet Academy, specializes in tactical/intelligence studies.
2377- 2381 Attends Starfleet Academy, graduates and is assigned to the USS Hood as a member of the intelligence staff.
2381-2382 Severed on the USS Hood
2383 - Transferred to Starbase 74, where he served as Assistant Chief of Strategic Operations Officer before being reassigned to the Starbase Intelligence Division.
2385 - Promoted to Full Lieutenant, assigned Assistant Chief of Intelligence Starbase 74.
2385 - 2389 Chief of Intelligence, Starbase 74
2390 - 2392 First officer, USS Orlando.
2393 - Reassigned to the USS Omaha, First Officer.