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Lieutenant Vex Dawnrider

Name Vex Dawnrider

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Non-Binary
Species Unkari
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 150lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Vex is an Unkari and a member of his species third sex. He possesses both male and female sexual organs, though he identifies as Niri, using male pronouns and having mostly male characteristics. Vex is athletically built and usually sports a beard.


Spouse(s) / Romantic Partner NA
Children NA
Parents Torso (Father, Deceased)
Aros (Mother, Decased)
Siblings None
Other Family Numerous, all live in Unkari Prime

Personality & Traits

General Overview Vex is inquisitive, strong willed, and prone to bouts of extreme honestly. He will always do what he feels is right, even if it may land him in hot water. Vex is extremely loyal towards those he considers his friends.
Strengths & Weaknesses Vex is loyal, kind, and brutally honest. He can often become fixated on small problems and won't rest until he can find a way around the problem.
Ambitions Eventually command his own starship.
Hobbies & Interests Vex is interested in reading, archery, and martial arts. He still practices the art of Ang-Ti, a martial arts form he learned while being raised with the monks. Vex has also recently started a study of ancient Unkari mythology.
Values One cannot walk in the light until they've seen the shadow.
There is balance in all things.
If you don't succeed, try again, this time with more aggression.


Personal History Vex was born on Unkari Prime, the capital of the Unkari Empire. His father, Torso, was a fighter pilot in the Imperial Navy and his mother, Aros a member of the elite shock troops of the Empire. The Unkari Empire was one of the few space-faring species within the Gamma Quadrant that had successfully resisted being conquered or absorbed by the Dominion. Once he was born, his father was reassigned to the home guard while his mother continued her work within the shock troopers.

Vex was a curious young boy, often getting into all sorts of trouble. It quickly became clear that he had a very clear sense of right and wrong. During his formative years, Vex was often found protecting other students on the playground from bullies. He got in more than his share of fights, so much so that his parents finally pulled him out of school and decided to homeschool him.

The religion of the Unkari people revolve around an unifying spirit that connects all things in the universe. They call this spirit the current and believe that it lives in all things; even the rest of the galaxy. When Vex was nine, his parents were off-world when a freak accident destroyed the transport they were on. With no family to go to, Vex was placed in foster care. He eventually ended up with a monk named Ardon

Vex was intensely angry and struck out at everyone that attempted to teach him anything. A younger monk by the name of Orso, decided to take Vex under his wing. He started teaching Vex the ways of Ang-Ti, the martial arts the monks practice. Slowly but surely, Vex’s anger started to fade and he was able to confront the very powerful emotions that he had buried after his parent’s death.

Vex trained in martial arts, archery, and philosophy while at the monastery. During one of their trips to the capital city of the Empire, Vex had the privilege of running across a Federation delegation. He was wowed with stories of exploration, of seeing strange new worlds, and with meeting new species. From that moment on, Vex wanted to join the ranks of Starfleet and see the galaxy. He studied hard and when his secondary schooling was finally complete, enrolled in Starfleet Academy.

When Vex arrived at the academy, he instantly fell in love with all the variety the academy had to offer. Vex took an interest in the security and tactical courses. He joined the academy martial arts and archery team. On the academic side, Vex soaked up everything like a sponge. He joined the debate team as well and graduated near the top of his class.

Vex’s first assignment was to the USS Aeolus. During the ships first mission, it was attacked by Breen raiders. Despite suffering a phaser wound, Vex was instrumental in helping to fight off the attackers and get the ship back to a safe port. Once the ship was repaired, Vex was promoted to Assistant Chief of Tactical and Security.

During his second tour with the Aeolus they were sent to investigate a series of temporal distortions that had appeared at the edge of Federation space. While investigating, the Aeolus was pulled through one, emerging some 500 years in the future. While there, they came under attack by a species known as the Yang Zutal.

The ship, under heavy fire, fled to a nearby nebula where they were able to take refuge until the science teams were able to find another distortion. While attempting to get to the distortion, the ship was attacked again and boarded, resulting in most of the senior staff getting killed. Vex and the remaining officers successfully managed to defend the ship and get through the portal, though the Aeolus was a total loss.

Vex returned after this incident and spent three months back at the monastery and with the monks that raised him. When he returned to Starfleet, he was assigned to the USS Omaha.