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Lieutenant Niobe Barton

Name Niobe Mary Barton

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 130
Hair Color Currently black, although she has been known to dye it various colors
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Don't let her diminutive size fool you, Niobe has laid out more than one person that thought they could push her around. She has arms covered in tattoos of various designs (very tasteful of course.) She dyes her often, again well within regulation colors. Has also been known to where different colored contacts, just for the fun of it. She has a lean athletic build.


Spouse(s) / Romantic Partner None - Perputally Single
Children None
Parents David (Father)
Tessa (Mother)
Siblings Alexander (Brother)
Other Family They exist, although Niobe isn't sure where they are. She's bad at staying in touch.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quirky. Committed (sometimes needs to be committed, depending on you ask.) Niobe is a problem solver and enjoys immersing herself in all manner of difficult situations. She thrives on challenges; both personal and professional. Doesn't mind when things explode in her face. Has a habit of saying what's ever on her mind.
Strengths & Weaknesses Tenacious, adaptive, thinks good on her feet. Brutally honest and sometimes doesn't know when to shut up. Creative, doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. She has a habit of telling people exactly what she things. Can't resist a good mystery.
Ambitions Maybe command a starship one day, for now she'll settle for not getting booted off another ship. Again.
Hobbies & Interests Anything mechanical or electrical or pretty much anything that can be taken apart. She also has an interest in cybernetics and temporal mechanics. Huge Montgomery Scott fan. She also enjoys rock climbing, wake boarding, and other ancient high risk earth sports.
Values "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that we used to create them."
"You can't solve a problem until you're asking the right question."
"Logic will get you from A to Z but imagination will get you anywhere."


Personal History Niobe was born to David and Tessa Niobe on the Lunar Colony. She was the oldest of two children. Her brother Alexander was born 8 years after her. They had a fairly normal childhood. Both Niobe's parents were medical researchers and worked for a civilian company that did contract work for the Federation. When Niobe was ten years old, they transferred to the aquatic world of Pacifica. It was here that Niobe soon found herself immersed in an environment that allowed her to really come into her own. While on Pacifica, Niobe took up a variety of watersports, including wake boarding, hoverboarding, and parasailing. She also learned to rock climb.

When she started high school, Niobe started taking classes in self defense. She started the ancient earth martial arts from known as Aikido. Niobe proved adept at it and her martial prowess was never expected in someone of her size. The biggest change she noticed, however was the fact that she had become very interested in how things worked. She took apart every machine that she could get he hands on and was often to rebuild then better than they were before she got her hands on them (except that one time.) She got decent grades in high school but what really impressed her teachers was her mechanical aptitude... and her penchant for giving her opinion even when it wasn't warranted. She spent a great deal of her free time locked away in garage outside the family home, tinkering on many projects.

Niobe absolutely abhors uniformity and as such often drove her parents up the wall with her constantly changing hair color and eye color. She values her independence yet also longed for a greater purpose in life. After much consideration she decided to join Starfleet to see the universe.

Niobe thrived at the academy, although she found the structure somewhat stifling. She voiced such a concern during their orientation class, though quickly realized the instructors weren't like the teachers back in high school. She continued voicing her opinion though. While at the academy, Niobe threw herself into her studies. She took courses in engineering and dabbled in cybernetics. She became a huge fan of the Enterprise A's chief engineer and decided to make herself miracle worker like him... or so Mr. Scott claimed. Socially, Niobe joined the academy debate team as well as the soccer team. She continued studying Aikido and attained the rank of Aikido master her senior year. She graduated in the top of her class and was assigned to the Miranda Class USS Cole.

As a member of the ships engineering department, Niobe was instrumental in updating the ships aging warpcore and primary systems. She also worked with a science officer on the Cole to create an enhanced drive control system that not only enhanced the ships maneuverability but also their efficiency. During one mission inside an unstable nebula, the Cole took severe damage, resulting in the death of the chief engineer. Niobe took command of engineering and manage to get the crippled starship free of the nebula. Despite her honesty, or maybe because of it, she gained the respect of many on the Cole and was quickly promoted to Assistant Chief Engineering Officer.

It was during her tenure as the assistant chief engineer that the Cole ran into a Borg scout ship. The aging Miranda class vessel was now match for the ship and sustained heavy damage. However, rather than allow her to be captured, Niobe created a blast from the main deflector that damaged the scout ship enough that the Cole managed to limp away. However, the resulting feedback destroyed a large section of the ship. Despite this, her commanding officer, Ravi Terran, recommended her for the chief engineer position on the USS Omaha.