USS Omaha


Episode 2: Cicada Summer

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USS Omaha arrives at the uninhabited planet designated Optera IV to investigate strange tetryon readings. They find a planet full of incipient subspace rifts, giant alien bugs, and technology of unknown origin. The crew investigates how it all fits together.

What Came Before: Season One Flashbacks

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This 'mission' is for use with flashbacks and other events that took place prior to the current running mission.

Part of Season One

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Episode 0: Prelude

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Episode 0: The ship waits for a crew. The crew waits for the ship to work.

Part of Season One

Episode 1: The Milk Run

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USS Omaha is sent on a routine survey mission at a Federation frontier colony to test out its new systems. It's supposed to be a milk run, but danger lurks below the surface.

Part of Season One

Episode 1: Coda

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Following the events of Mission One, the crew takes a breather and works on repairs while en route to their next assignment.

Part of Season One