USS Omaha

Episode 2: Cicada Summer

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Mission Info

Status Current Mission

USS Omaha arrives at the uninhabited planet designated Optera IV to investigate strange tetryon readings. They find a planet full of incipient subspace rifts, giant alien bugs, and technology of unknown origin. The crew investigates how it all fits together.

Start Date Sun May 2, 2021 @ 2:36am

Mission Summary

The Omaha arrives at the planet designated Optera IV after detecting unusual tetryon emissions, a sign of possible subspace activity. The planet is beyond both Federation and Romulan space, and is believed to be uninhabited. On arrival, the crew finds possible subpsace tears forming around hte planet, along with swarms of giant insects that appear to be transmitting to each other. Our mission is to:

1) Determine the nature of the subpsace tears.
2) Study the alien life-forms and determine if their emissions are a sign of intelligence.
3) Examine technological objects of unknown origin dotting the planet's surface.