USS Omaha
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Tune Up

Posted on Wed Jul 14, 2021 @ 6:45pm by Ensign Zayde Bridger & Lieutenant JG Jayden Bren

Mission: Episode 1: Coda
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1730


The turbolift doors swished open on the bridge, making way for Jayden to exit and check out who else was on the bridge.  Even though it was fairly early in the day, most of the senior officers were either writing reports or working on repairs so he wasn't surprised to see mostly secondary officers at the various stations.  As he walked across the bridge towards the navigation station, he noticed the officer at the station wasn't one of his normal pilots.

"Don't tell me, Grong removed something he shouldn't have, didn't he?" Jayden laughed as he came up on the golden uniformed officer.

"Huh?" Zayde asked, looking up to see the chief flight control officer. "Oh, you mean the Tellarite ensign?"

Jayden chuckled and nodded.  "What do we have going on here?"

"The ensign was trying to defrag the guidance subroutines," Zayde explained. "Seems he forgot to pause the main core systems. The whole array crashed, I'm just working on rebooting it."

Jayden shrugged.  "Sounds about right.  Need any help?" he said, grabbing the hyperspanner he kept under the main console.

"Sure, although the problem is less mechanical and more software related. You might want to remind flight personnel that any additional software upgrades they want have to be cleared by ops before being installed," Zayde said. "I'm finding some programs in here that aren't standard issue."

Jayden quirked an eyebrow, stepping closer to the ensign.  "Oh?  Did someone install Asteroids again?  Or something new this time?"

"Asteriods I can understand but someone was trying to rewrite the command subrountines that govern the ships navigational pings, the system that we use to pinpoint our exact position relative to Starfleet bouys."

Jaydens face went from a joking demeaner to one of more concern.  "What did they do it, exactly?"

"I think they were trying to increase range of the system but they ended up causing a command feedback loop that started causing the whole system to lag out."

"Are you able to confirm if it was Grong, or see who it was that had in the system last?" Jayden asked.  "That's definitely a serious issue."

Zayde nodded. "Sure, I can try and track down the login information after I fix it. We had personnel do that at the academy all the damn time. Drove us nuts."

"Need any help?" Jayden asked, finally tapping the ensign that had been sitting at the station on the shoulder to indicate he could leave so as to make a little more room for Zayde and himself.

"Can you hand me that diagnostic tricorder?" Zayde asked, from under the station.

Looking around briefly, Jayden locted where Zayde had set his tool kit and grabbed the tricorder from its pouch.  Activating it, he flipped it so it would be facing Zayde and handed it over.

"How's the day been for you other than having to fix this?" Jayden asked, trying to make small talk with the ensign he hadn't really interacted much with before.

"Not too bad," Zayde responded. "Ops is kinda in a freefall since we don't have an official cheif. We're making it work so far though."

Jauden shrugged.  "That's fair.  It's not like you guys haven't been around the block a few times though."

"Hopefully when they find us a cheif they won't be completely useless."

Jayden smirked.  "Who knows, maybe we'll get really lucky and they'll send somebody fresh out of the academy to take over." he chuckled.

"Thats not even remotely funny," Zayde said. "Because then we'd have to teach him everything he should know."

"Oh, I don't know," Jayden responded, deciding to give Zayde a hard time, "it wouldn't be that bad.  It's not like we're on a deep space assignent or anything."

"Oh no, not at all," Zayde responded. 

Jayden shrugged and sat down on the chair next to the control console.  He wasn't sure if Zayde was stressed or just didn't take his sense of humor well, but he decided not to continue.  "Any plans for after your done with all this?" he asked.

"Going to stand naked under a long, hot, sonic shower, shut my combadge off and hope that nothing falls apart until morning."

Jayden smirked at the ensigns response.  "Naked in the sonic shower... all night... by yourself?  Doesn't sound like much of an evening to me." he said.

Zayde smirked. "Oh sounds perfectly fine to me."

"If that's your thing," Jayden said, shrugging, "you do you." adding a smile at the end.

"I think I got it," Zayde said, scooting out from under the panel. "Let me reboot the secondary subroutines and we'll see if it worked."

Jayden scooted his chair away from the console as it momentarly dimmed, indicating it was running a reboot cycle.  When the controls returned to full brightness, he turned his head towards Zayde to see if it had worked.

It took only a moment for the station to reboot himself. "There ya go."

"Awesome job, Ensign." Jayden responded, smiling.  "Hopefully I wont have to see you tinkering on the nav console again anytime soon... but that doesn't mean you cant stop by from time to time."

"Well, hopefully no one decides to do thier own tinkering."

Jayden nodded in agreement.  "I'll make sure to make a note of it for the rest of the departments.  Thanks for getting us fixed up."



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