USS Omaha
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Posted on Thu Jul 1, 2021 @ 6:22pm by Lieutenant JG Amon Narud & Lieutenant JG Khylin Cooper

Mission: Episode 1: Coda
Location: Sickbay > Science Lab
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 0900

Khylin walked into sickbay, tapping away on his PADD the whole time. The data on the blue goo, they really needed to think of a different name for it, was still being complied by the computer. Khylin was anxious to study the stuff - programmable matter for lack of a better term. There was an oddly organic nature to the stuff and although he was well versed in biology, he thought that an expert might be better equipped to take a look at it.

Ensign Chaparral, who sat at the reception desk, looked up and smiled at the Science Chief. "Hello sir, do you want to see the Chief Medical Officer?"

"If he's not too busy," Khylin answered.

"Nope," Dylan tapped a control and Doctor Amon Narud approached them a moment later.

"Thank you Ensign," Amon said to Dylan then turned to the attractive Chief Science Officer which he had not much interaction with. "Hello Lieutenant Cooper, are you hurt?" Amon asked.

"Oh no, nothing like that," Khylin said. "I was actually going to see if you could give me a hand with something. I'm looking over the latest data from the ground team on the...well blue goo I guess and wanted to see if I could get your opinion."

"Sure," Amon said with a smile.

"Botany and quantom mechanics were my speciality actually," Khylin said. And then realized he might have sounded like an idiot. "I mean I understand biology just fine but you're the expert."

"Would you like to go somewhere to discuss the 'goo'? Do we still have some in containment?" Amon asked as he grabbed the padd that had his and the away team's initial reports and sensor logs about the goo on it.

"There's a small sample down in science lab two."

"Let's go," Amon replied and gestured for Cooper to lead the way.

They started towards science lab 2. "This stuff is fascinating, really. I'm not sure whether to be in awe of it or terrified of it."

Amon agreed. "I think a healthy dose of both would be our best course of action." He said with a half smile. "A feat of scientific and biological mastery to be sure."

"Did they intend it to be used for a force for good? Or do you think that they would have used it as a weapon if the situation was dire enough?" Khylin asked, as they entered the science lab. 

The Kriosian followed Khylin into the lab and thought on the Chief Science Officer's question. Amon looked around for the sample. "Both applications seem possible, do we know who made this goo?" He asked waiting for Khylin to indicate where the goo is.

"Its the most beautiful blending of biology and technology that I have ever seen," Khylin said, bringing up the main display that showed the goo in the containment chamber. "But that's the confusing part, it doesn't behave as either should. I mean its on a whole new level of nanotech and biotech. Stuff that we haven't even seen with the Borg."

"Let's hope we never do with the Borg." Amon commented with a cringe, "if they find out about this stuff..." he left the rest of that thought alone and quickly changed the subject. "So what experiments have you done on the goo so far?"

"Just basic submicrone scans and cellular mapping," Khylin replied.

"And what have you learned?" Amon asked.

"Nothing that the computer can currently identify," Khylin spoke. "I mean the matter is on such a state of flux that we can't really lock onto a single fragment long enough to obtain a clear scan."

"How about we freeze it?" Amon asked with a smirk.

Khylin considered the doctor's suggestion. "That might work...although we'd have to get a specific cryofield setup."

"There's always the stasis field emitters? Or is that what you are referring to?" Amon asked as he observed the 'goo', he feared what it would do if inside a person's body.

"Might take us a little longer to configure those and that," Khylin said. "But let me see what I can do."

Amon nodded. "We probably should have all the options ready incase any of them fail to work." He offered, "I'll do the stasis field configuration while you do the cryofield?"

"Sounds good," Khylin said. "I wonder if the Federation will ever get close to inventing technology like this?"

"We could try to reverse engineer it, though with Engineering and the Captain's permission?" Amon asked with a smile, he was up for the challenge.

"Oh believe me I asked," Khylin said. "But I'm under strict orders to just give it a curosry look over, we are not supposed to do much more than that. I think they are just as afraid of this stuff as we are."

Amon nodded in agreement. "We better keep some, just in case."

"That can probably be arranged," Khylin said. "I've got the cryofield all set up. Ready if you are."

"The stasis field is primed and standing by," Amon said, "since this is your department, you take the lead Lieutenant?"

"Alright, let's get to work then."



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