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Date Night (Part One)

Posted on Sat Apr 24, 2021 @ 6:05am by Ensign Emily Rose & Ensign Zayde Bridger
Edited on on Sat Apr 24, 2021 @ 6:08am

Mission: Episode 1: Coda
Location: Holodeck 1
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1830

Emily was nervous, though she had no idea why. Yes, Zayde was cute but she had been on dates with cute guys before and never really reacted this way. She stood at the mirror in her quarters, fussing with her hair for the fifth time in the last fifteen minutes. She finally set the hairbrush down and walked away, although not before taking one last look at herself in the mirror.

She had put her long blonde hair up in a rather ornate braid and then picked up the most modest outfit that she had. A simple white dress and a light blue shawl, she had applied only a light dusting of makeup to her skin, something that her mother would have chided her for. Her mother, a farmer’s wife, refused to wear makeup of any kind. In her thinking that if a man wasn’t attracted to her natural beauty, they weren’t decent enough to be with her.

Zayde took a deep breath outside Emily’s quarters. He glanced at the reflective panel of a nearby LCARS interface. Maybe Theo was right, he didn’t look half bad. He pressed his finger to the door chime and waited.

Emily jumped as soon as the door chime sounded. She quickly exited her room and padded across her quarters as the door chime sounded again.

“Come in.”

Zayde stepped through the door and had to work overtime not to let his jaw drop to the floor. She looked incredible, probably one of the most stunning women that he had ever seen. She had just the right amount of makeup on her face and her hair was pulled up in a series of braids that showed off her angelic looking face. Ok, well maybe Angelic looking was a little much but she still looked very radiant.

Emily had only really seen Zayde once and that happened to be when he had grime all over himself. She didn’t realize how handsome the young man was. He was built, although not overly so. He wore a smile that showed off his incredibly cute dimples.

“Wow, you look great,” Zayde finally managed to say.

“You clean up pretty good yourself,” Emily replied.

She tried to keep herself from blushing, although she wasn’t overly successful. She turned around to grab her clutch and to try and hide the red creeping across her face.

Zayde was busy trying to hide his own blush. Since when was he this bad on dates. Ok, well he was never what one might call smooth but he never fumbled around this much and the date hadn’t even really started yet. That did not bode well for the evening to come. He took a deep breath and tried to calm his nerves.

“So, where exactly are you taking me?” Emily asked, as she turned back around. “And I hope that I’m dressed appropriately.”

“You look perfect,” Zayde said. He offered her his elbow. “Come on, I’m ready to go if you are.”

“Lead the way.”

They arrived at the holodeck a few moments later. Zayde called up the program and then gestured for her to take a step inside.

Emily smiled and stepped through the doors as soon as they opened. She wasn’t sure exactly what she was expecting from Zayde and part of her was very much relieved when it turned out to be a quaint looking little cafe and not some overly fancy restaurant.

It was a small place, with a cozy atmosphere. There was a bar in the corner of the cafe and booths and tables were spread throughout the space. It appeared to have fairly modern decor and a whole glass wall with several doors built in looking out onto a terrace area.

“This way,” Zayde said, leading her outside.

They stepped through one of the doors and Emily found herself looking at a large man made lake. Zayde brought them over to a table near the short stone wall and pulled her chair out for her. Once they were both sitting a waiter appeared and they ordered drinks.

“This is a nice little place,” Emily said. “Luna?”

Zayde nodded as he took a sip of his water. “Yeah, a little place that me and Theo used to go too.”

“That’s right, you grew up there, didn’t you. I mean on Luna.”

Zayde nodded. “Yeah but I don’t think that I ever told you that.”

Emily’s face turned a little red. “Alright, well I have to admit I may have peaked a little at your biographical information, just the publicly available stuff.”

Zayde laughed. “Ha! I did the same. You were born in Seattle, right?”

“Just outside it actually, my parents owned a small farm.”

Their waiter appeared and they ordered food and drink.

“That’s very cool,” Zayde replied. “We didn’t have that many farms on Luna.”

“I didn’t always think it was cool,” Emily admitted. “I mean growing up I swear I was the only kid whose parents made her learn how to actually cook, and to wash clothes, hell they even made me write long hand.”

Zayde’s eyes went wide. “Wait, you actually cooked?”

“Oh yeah,” Emily continued. “My mom made dinner almost every night. She picked the vegetables from the garden, grilled the meat, all that stuff.”

“Your mom touched actual food?”

Emily chuckled. “Yeah, we had a replicator but she tried not to use it. Said it took something away from the meal.”

“That’s pretty awesome.”

Their food arrived and they pair started to eat, trading small talk about the scenery and the stuff on their plates. Zayde was doing his best not to stare at her, which was difficult because he even found her laugh to be adorable.

“Your parents were researchers?” Emily asked.

Zayde tried not to tense up. He took a deep breath and hoped that he could come up with a good enough way to get her off the subject of his parents.

“Um, yeah, so what did you guys farm?” Zayde asked.

He hoped his distraction, as clumsy as it was, worked. He silently prayed to every deity that he had heard of that it worked, as lame as it had sounded.

“All kinds of vegetables mostly,” Emily said. “My dad was a bit of an amatuer horticuluratlist too. Mom was always going on and on about how he’d accidentally create a sentient venus flytrap some day.”

She resisted the urge to press Zayde about his parents. Clearly the way that he had changed the subject made it clear that he didn’t really want to talk about it.

“Again, sounds like a very interesting childhood.”

“So, I also read that you sing.”

Zayde stopped midway through bringing his wine glass to his lips.

“So, that’s not a correct statement?” Emily asked mischievously.

“Alright, alright,” Zayde said, holding his hands up in defeat. “I’ll tell you only because it’s better that you hear it from me and not from Theo or someone else. I MAY have had a part in a musical my senior year of high school.”

Emily arched an eyebrow and leaned forward. “A part? Not like the lead or anything.”

“The lead is a part,” Zayde pointed out.

“Technically speaking that is true,” Emily replied. She took another bite of her fish. “Although I’d say you looked pretty good in those tights.”

Now it was Zayde’s turn to turn bright red. “I hated those things...Theo thought it was hysterical. He found my humiliation to be most amusing.”

“Judging by what I saw, I’m pretty sure there was nothing humiliating about it...clearly showed off your soccer body very well.”

Zayde narrowed his eyes at Emily. “You did some pretty good research.”

Emily laughed. “I like to know who I’m going to be spending my evening with.”

“Fair enough. I was thinking we could take a little walk on the beach after dinner?”

“That sounds excellent.”


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