USS Omaha
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Miracle Worker Part II

Posted on Wed Jul 21, 2021 @ 2:57am by Ensign Theo Ayar & Lieutenant Niobe Barton

Mission: Episode 1: Coda
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0900

"Wait, why didn't the system reboot like it was supposed to?" Niobe asked, referring to the secondary communciations radio. "I mean it was designed to work that way, right?"

Teh shrugged. "Yes, at least that's what ops tells us it's supposed to do."

Niobe sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Well, as long as we're cruising along I doubt it will be that much of a problem. Put it on the worklist for today."

She looked around the operations table at Teh, Theo, and a few others. "Alright, staff meeting time, let's start with new business, anyone have any?"

"All of the deflector systems are back to normal," Theo said. "Phasers have been retuned as well. I think we may more or less have everything fixed, actually."

"That seems to be a first," Teh remarked. 

"That better not be a crack about my leadership abilities," Niobe said, with a slight grin. "Alright, I think we are finally caught up with all the maintaince items, any other projects that anyone wants to try and tackle. Teh, what about that new power conversion matrix you wanted to try."

Teh shrugged. "It's still a work in progress."

"Then start working on it," Niobe said.

The Saurian rolled his eyes. "Well clearly...what about about that new feedback system we started working on? We could dust that off, its been a few months since we looked at it."

"Power conversion matrix?" Theo asked.

Niobe looked over at Theo. "It was a defensive system that Teh and I came up with designed for science ships and another vessels that might not have the armament to escape hostile situations. By storing the incoming energry that was put into the shields, the grid can super-charge a feedback pulse that would impact the enemy's sheilds. It's only a theory thought."

"That sounds tricky," Theo replied, "and also I'm pretty sure that's something Kirk made up."

"Pretty sure Kirk made up a lot of stuff," Teh said, rolling his eyes.

"Even if he did the idea still holds some merit," Niobe said. "Since we everything else under control, at least until our esteemed captain has us wander into danger again."

"You'd know more about that than me," Theo said. "So I guess the first question is, is this something that requires a modern ship, or does ours have the right equipment aboard?"

"Good question," Niobe replied. "Teh, go ahead and pull up the data so that we can all see it."

"We should also look at our shield and hull geometry, especially around the warp nacelles," Theo said as he thought about it more. "I don't know if you've noticed but compared to modern ships of this mass we're a bit of a chonker."

"We are a little beefer," Niobe admitted. "But our thermal shielding is a little better...hmmm, grid lines are a little wonky around impulse engines too."

"I guess it depends on what kind of shield shapes your design requires. We don't have the same big nacelles or complex curves for the hull-tight layer, but we're a lot more compact."

"Suggestions?" Niobe asked.

"The first limiting factor I can think of is the shield grid's emitter systems," Theo said. "If they can't handle the increased field density, nothing else we do will matter. Luckily we just did a very thorough test of the grid and the associated support infrastructure, so we should have plenty of real-life data to base simulations on."

"Good," Niobe said, making a note on her PADD. "Alright, Theo can you get a simulation set up. We can pull all the data that we have so far. Teh, work on getting the power consumption chart up, I'd like to see just how much juice we'd have to pull to get it working."

"I'll get on the programming right away."

Niobe made a few notes on her PADD. "Let's try meeting back here in an hour."

"Yes, ma'am. I'll also get us computer core and holodeck time booked."




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