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A Andorian Walks Into A Bar...(Part 1)

Posted on Fri Jan 7, 2022 @ 3:19am by Lieutenant Commander Briar Tovan

Mission: What Came Before: Season One Flashbacks
Location: Virka II - Edge of Klingon Neutral Zone
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1755

As bars go, the Lanky Monkey wasn't the worst one that he had been in, although after spending almost three hours in it, he was going to say that it was inching its way up there. The sounds system was broken, none of the waiter systems worked, and smell was something that would have even made a Klingon barf. Briar was very thankful for the nasal blockers that he was wearing. He glanced around again, looking for his contact, and hoping that he made it through the same Nassucian blockade that he did. Although they weren't really calling it that; instead they insisted they were security forces hired by the local planety administration. 

He tapped at his now warm beer, the carbination completely gone. Before he heard the door slid open again. Bright sunlight streamed briefly in through the door into the dark and dank room. A hooded figure stepped through and glanced around. He moved to through the crowd, finally coming to a stop at Briar's table. He glanced around before sliding into the stool across from Briar.

"I don't think you were followed," Briar said. "I mean it doesn't look like you were."

The man pulled his hood back, revealing an Andorian face that was deeply scarred and aged. He looked pale, even for someone with his skin tone.

"Good," the Andorian said, in a gravely voice. "We need to leave quickly... I don't want any further entanglements."

Briar nodded. "Alright, as long as you promise me that none of these entanglements you speak of are going to cause me to run afool of any major political power. I need the abilty to move freely."

The Andorian gave him a lopsided grin. "Just a few upset business assicoates."

Briar rolled his eyes and stood up. "That's reassuriung, what am I supposed to call you anyway?"

"You may call me Blue," the Andorian said, getting to his feet as well. "I'd prefer less talking and more moving now."

Briar nodded and left some latinum on the table before ushering the Andorian towards the door. They stepped out into the bright midmorning light, which filtered red through a leafy green canope. Briar took a look around, scanning the crowds just like his husband used to. They started down the path, making thier way towards the ship berthing area. 

"Is your ship fast?" Blue asked, as they hurried along. "Well armed?"

"Its fast enough," Briar responded. "And she can handle herself in a fight. Why, are you expecting someone to start shooting at us?"

"You never know, the galaxy is a dangerous place."

"Indeed it is," Briar nodded. "But usually I find that cooler heads can preveil if people are able to just sit down and talk to each other. The docking port is just up ahead."

Briar keyed his access code and the door swished open, allowing them to walk into the docking area. His ship, the Wild Card was a modfied luxury courier ship that he and his husband had bought from a construction firm on Risa. It was a slender vessel, with an angled front section that angled up slightly with the cockpit at the top, the secondary hull flared outward at the end slightly, ending in a triangle like structure. There was a roll bar on the top and the bottom, with impluse engines in the rear and a defensive array in the front. It was all chrome and white, shinning in the sun.

"She is a pretty ship," Blue said, looking over at it. "And you sure that she's fast?"

"Very sure," Briar answered. He pushed a button on the control pad on his wrist and the ramp lowered. "After you Mr. Blue."

They headed up the ramp. At the top, Briar showed Blue to a small but well furnished lounge. Once his passenger was secure he headed toward the cockpit where he started making prepartions for light off. Once he was given the all clear, Briar powered up the ships engines and lifted them smoothly into the air. He pulled back on the throttle, angled them towards the sky and punched it. Within moments they were breaking the atmosphere, the Wild Card, driving hard for deep space. He set the autopilot and unstrapped, heading back towards the lounge.

"We're away but I need a course to set. Where are we going?"

"Baratis System," Blue said. 

"That's near Syndicate terroritory, isn't it?"


Briar frowned. "I really don't want trouble with them... in fact I'd rather have trouble with the Klingon's."

"I promise I'll leave you out of any trouble, I just need a ride there."

"I hope so," Briar said, turning to head back to the cockpit. "Because I sure as hell don't want to piss off the Orions."



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