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What Not To Wear

Posted on Thu Apr 15, 2021 @ 4:18am by Ensign Zayde Bridger & Ensign Theo Ayar

Mission: Episode 1: Coda
Location: Bridger's Quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1700

Zayde sighed heavily, looking at the inside of his closet. Who was he having such an issue with this? He had been on dozens of dates why was this one different. He shook his head and went to his desk terminal, sending a message to Theo. Not that Theo would be much better at helping him pick out something but between the two of them they should be able to come up with something. Maybe he should check out the holodeck? Surely, they had programs for that...didn't they?

Theo's PADD buzzed at him and a message box popped up over the diagram he was looking at while sitting in a Jefferies tube junction node. He frowned for a few seconds, then tapped his combadge. "Ayar to Bridger. What?"

"I need help," Zayde said. "I have a date tonight and I can't find anything to wear. You know that I'm not great at this kind of you know what Angela said about my fashion sense."

"Prophets protect me," Theo muttered. He checked the time and decided that he'd replaced his last gel pack for the day. "I'll be there in ten minutes. Do not touch the replicator until I get there."

"No problem," Zayde replied.

He tried not to add that his taste was that bad, however given his track record that probably wasn't the case.

"Alright," Theo said a few minutes later when he entered Zayde's quarters. "Please state the nature of your clothing emergency."

"I have no idea what to wear," Zayde said, gesturing to his closet. "I mean all I really have are spare uniforms, some louge wear, workout gear, and a swimsuit. Pretty sure that will not flatter her if I show up half naked."

"That might depend on - no, never mind, I'm not giving you bad ideas. What species, and where is she from?"

"Human, she's with the tactical department," Zayde answered. "I'm not sure where she's from, we didn't get to talk that much and I don't want to be the creep that goes digging through her personnel file. Plus, gives us something to talk about on our date."

"Okay, so you know how I'm Bajoran, but I was raised on Luna? That's why I dress like someone from Luna and not Bajor. Any part of Bajor."

Zayde grumbled an curse in Klingon under his breath before heading over to the terminal. He really didn't like the idea of looking into someone's file, even if it was all listed out so that it was information that anyone could find. He pulled up the correct file.

"Seattle, she's from Seattle...yes I feel a little weird doing that."

"Right, so Earth, Pacific Northwest... so first of all, whatever you do, don't mention the war."

Zayde nodded vigoursly. Which was probably best considering he wasn't the greatest at history.

"Not the Dominion one, of course. I mean the - actually, forget I said anything. I think there's been kind of a neosimplistic trend this year around that area, so we'll want to do something sharp, but not too flashy." Theo looked Zayde up and down. "Have your measurements changed since we got fitted for our graduation dress uniforms?"

"Nope, should be the same size," Zayde replied. 

"Good." Theo went to the replicator and started calling up the clothing catalog. "So we'll go with the dark navy trousers, silver thread there for a bit of classic Lunagrad flavor. Shirt... maybe a nice summer green, which might work with your eyes. Which of these shades do you like better?"

Zayde stood next to Theo, looking over his shoulder. "Um, that one."

"Hmmm okay." Theo hit a few more keys and the replicator hummed to life. He tossed the resulting bundle of clothes at Zayde. "Try those on."

Zayde took the offered clothes before stepping out of the loose bottoms that he was wearing. He pulled on the pants and then the shirt before stepping back so that Theo could have a better look at him. "So?"

"No, hold on, how is that even comfortable," Theo said, stepping up and undoing the top button of the shirt. "It's not supposed to be fastened all the way up, you look like a complete dork."

Zayde started to fidgit a little. "Well, you're always calling me a dork anyway."

Theo grinned. "Maybe we should play that up, it might be why she likes you. Maybe add a little bowtie."

"A bowtie?" Zayde asked. "I can't tell if you're being serious or just screwing with me."

"Or maybe a fez. Fezzes are very uncool this decade."

Zayde scowled. "I am not wearing one of those...wait, what are one of those?

"It's a hat," Theo said. "Don't worry about it, hats are kind of silly except the functional ones. I really don't get why Earthers love them so much."

"Earthers are weird," Zayde responded. He glanced at himself in the mirror. "Thank you, I don't look too terrible...I just hope the holo-program I picked out is good enough."

"Your taste is a little better there," Theo said reassuringly. Then, a moment later, he added, "But just in case, what did you choose?"

"A little cafe in Paris," Zayde said. "Nothing too fancy, I don't want to come on that strong."

"That sounds fine, unless she secretly hates the French for some reason."

Zayde nodded. "Well, if she does I'm sure that I can find something else. Too bad there's not a program of theat little bar we used to visit in Luna, what was the name of it again? The one that always used to let us in and then they'd just give us virgin drinks."

"Get Buzzed. It's probably for the best, considering how lame we were, it's probably not half as cool as we remember."

"I'm uncool now, I'd hate to think about what I was like back then." 

"Buddy, it's now about you." Theo put a hand on Zayde's shoulder. "You're fine now, but no one's cool at that age."

Zayde took a deep breath. "Yeah, I guess so."

"Also, she's not going to dissolve you into a puddle of self-replicating nano-biotech, so really when you put things in perspective with the rest of our week, how bad could it possibly get?"

Zayde laughed. "Also true."

"What department is she, anyway? I bet whatever it is, you can find a way to make yourself look good as far as our mission goes."

"Tactical...although I think she's a security officer," Zayde answered.

"So she was probably on the ground helping people, while you had a front-row seat to all the action in space and did... something useful at Ops, I'm sure. There, plenty to talk about."

"Right...plenty to talk about," Zayde said. He glanced at himself in the mirror again. "Thanks again Theo, you made me look presentable."

"You're welcome. Now go break a leg."

"Thank you," Zayde said. "I'll see you tomorrow."



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